Friday, April 25, 2014

Katy Jade Dobson

Wildlife Artist / Oil Painter

Katy Jade Dobson

UK based artist - Age 25

My paintings are opulent and exaggerative in colour and expression of movement and atmosphere. I do not shy away from colour but use it as an emphasis on the beauty and ferocity of wildlife and nature. I follow my bliss in oil painting and the need to continue is inherent and determined. My love of wildlife is an obsession of true awe and appreciation. My work is a release of a love for ethereality which I crave to be surrounded by, and the draw of a certain elegance and richness of palette that is too supreme and commanding to ignore.

I have drawn and enjoyed the arts throughout my whole life, as well as my educated life taking an honours degree in Fine Art at The University of Lincoln. It was heavily installed in me throughout these years that a career as an artist would not be possible. After finding myself in a bleak position in 2012 I prepared to rebuild a foundation for myself and my "impossible to achieve" career as an artist. 2013 was my year. I threw all of my money, my whole life, everything I lived and breathed into creating art and marketing my products, whilst sharing with the world as far as I could reach what I could do.

I accumulated a great following through social media, was on the cover of The Journal Magazine Dec 13 and was featured in American Cliche' Oct/Nov 13, as well as earning a living from my work alone. All within the first year.

My message through my art isn not just aesthetic appreciation for wildlife around us and it's strength and beauty captured in the form of oil paintings. But that we, much like the nature and wildlife that my work represents, have auras, atmosphere and movement about us which aught to be followed.

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