Wednesday, September 18, 2019

History Buffs, Antique Collectors catch Barakat's Roman Marble Relief Fragment

An Exceptional Roman Marble Relief Fragment
250 AD to 270 AD
This fine marble relief fragment was most probably taken from the corner of a
monumental lion-hunt sarcophagus. It is finely carved in high relief in the manner
of a young hunter who wears a chlamys fastened around his right shoulder with
his head carved almost in the round and turned sharply to his right just enough
to make out his long sideburns. His face is composed of large eyes with
recessed crescent pupils and incised irises while his hair is swept up
and back from his forehead in long wavy locks.
This item is now on view in our current Barakat Seoul
exhibition featured below.  To read further please click the
image above.  To see additional artifacts from the
Roman Art Collection please click HERE
The Glory of the Classical World
Barakat Seoul proudly presents "The Glory of the Classical World: Selections from the Ancient Greek & Roman Art Collection," an exhibition of ancient Roman and Greek artworks representing the “eternal canon of Western culture,” from Wednesday, September 4th to Saturday, December 7, 2019.  For more information on this show and the pieces featured please click on the image to the left.
Roman Lead Erotic Plate
Egyptian Wooden Funerary Mask
Roman Glass Drinking Cup
Barakat Gallery
London: 58 Brook Street, Mayfair, London +442074937778
Seoul: 58-4, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, South Korea +821034973413
West Hollywood: 941 N La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90069 +13108598408
Hong Kong: 68 C Hollywood Road Kelford Mansion. Sheung Wan.Tel.00852-26382005
21 Wong Chuk Hang Road Global Trade Square 1901Wong Chuk Hang-Aberdeen Tel.00852-26382191
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Fan of Fontana? Catch "The Art Designs of the Italians":Charles Zana & Tornabuoni Art présentent UTOPIA ART ET DESIGN ITALIENS Exposition du 17 octobre au 21 décembre 2019, Paris

Charles Zana & Tornabuoni Art présentent 



Exposition du 17 octobre au 21 décembre 2019
Passage de Retz, 9 rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
CP en français
Assistera au vernissage le 17/09
Press Kit in English
N'assistera pas au vernissage
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

US+U is pleased to announce an 8 session art workshop series that will offer varying classes on a monthly basis for both youth and adults/ free of charge!
The first in the series is a combo of Drawing & Painting for Adults, (no experience necessary) participants must register by Sunday Sept 22nd @6pm to Details as follows:
Date: Thursday Sept 26th, 6:00-8:30pm
Instructor: Amanda ioco
Description: During this workshop participants will learn how to incorporate a range of drawing and painting materials into a single composition. Working from a still life set up, the class will focus on several techniques to develop transparent and opaque layers in their works. Students will complete this workshop with several warm up drawings as well as one final mixed media artwork.
Photo examples represent:
step 1-colored pencil gesture/choosing color palette
step 2-block out colors with watercolor
step 3-define lines and forms using colored pencil/chalk pastel
This series is made possible with funds from the decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by ArtsWestchester ! Stay tuned for full 8 month schedule with dates and teaching artists.
Above artwork courtesy of the instructor.

The gallery is accessible from NYC via Grand Central Croton Harmon Line & in close proximity to the Metro North Yonkers Station. Stroll thru the Daylighting I/Van Der Donck Park straight up to the top and cross Warburton Avenue to #16! You can't miss us - all windows adorn the front of this beautiful 4000sqft space!

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BCK Fine Arts gallery displays "Colorscapes" Sept. 21 opening 5-7PM

BCK Invitation TO Colorscapes-1.jpg
hip hop wave 16 x24.jpg

Looking for a Job? Gallery Director Fine t Gallery Park City, Utah awaits your application!

Thank you for your interest and please submit all materials to
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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Catch The Spaceless Gallery opening October 8th, Paris, Looks Like great fun.

Featured artists :
Lara Porzak, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, Pandora Mond, Jayde Cardinalli, Noémie Lacroix, and Hugh Findletar.
7 rue Saint-Claude, Paris 3e, France
For its inaugural launch, the Spaceless gallery will present in Paris, 7 Rue Saint-Claude, 75003, the interstellar works of six contemporary artists: Lara Porzak, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, Pandora Mond, Jayde Cardinalli, Noémie Lacroix and Hugh Findletar. Under the curation of Founder, Béatrice Masi, the exhibition, “Space (less)” takes a poignant stance on the notion of space and what it represents. Presented through a series of paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, textiles, and installations, each artist gives their own subjective answer to this philosophical quest, while providing an opportunity for the visitors to immerse themselves in a sensory experience.
The void, as French Designer and Architect Charlotte Perriand used to say, contains everything, because it represents the ability to move, the potentiality of motion. Now, let’s imagine an infinite space, without any point of reference. In such a space, movement would be impossible, because there would be nothing to measure the travelled distance. Thus for this proposition to be true, the void must at least contain, a marker.
To explore this subject, the works of Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves and Pandora Mond tackle the issue by referring to a cosmic temporality and light emanating from celestrial objects. In contrast, the photographs of Lara Porzak plunge the viewer into a timeless universe where only memories could serve as a point of reference. Finally, the immersive installations of Jayde Cardinalli and Noémie Lacroix provide a sensory perspective, while Hugh Findlestar’s eclectic creations aim at transcending the concept of emptiness.
Operating through a circuit of ever-changing and innovative pop-up locations, the Spaceless Gallery rejects the rigidity of the traditional “white cube.” Instead, it opts for an innovative and decentralised approach to art that establishes a dialogue between the exhibition venue, the works and the viewer. Founder Béatrice Masi strives to push the boundaries of her profession as a gallery owner. Consultant and curator, she continues to bring together an eclectic community of collectors, collaborators, and artists across various spectrums. With a focus on experiential exhibitions that pays homage to their surroundings, the Spaceless Gallery captures today’s art market unbounded by any one location, audience, genre or media.
Prior to the exhibition «Space(less)» and during Paris Fashion Week, Stéphane Chapelle, renown Parisian florist in collaoration with the Spaceless Gallery will be presenting Hugh Findletar’s newest creations. The exhibition will take place from the 23rd until the 29th of September in Stéphane’s exquisite flower boutique, 29 rue Richelieu in Paris, 75001.
Seen as masterpieces of nature, flowers, when cut, undoubtedly deserve a pedestal worthy of their beauty. Devoted to this cause, Hugh Findletar strives to reinvent this ideal object, taking inspiration from his personal life experiences.
Hugh was born in Jamaica. A photographer by trade, he grew up in New York where his passion for floral compositions bloomed. Hugh took his passion across the globe to Japan, Kenya and now Milan, where he lives and works, creating bold and imposing glassworks.
Represented in two series, the newest of them, KingZ Cup, is a collection of majestic bowls. By incorporating copper and gold into the molten glass, Hugh embeds his works with deep colours, paying homage to nature, while celebrating the skilled craftsmanship of Murano.
On the other hand, the FLOWERHeadZ vases emerged from the artist’s interactions with the people he meets. Inspired by the ever-changing shapes of faces around him, Hugh created surrealist portraits in a sculptural yet utilitarian form.
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Doug Reina's Painting "The Bear" is on line and ready for the next bid benefiting East Hampton Artist & Writers Charity Softball Game.

Auction Update: Only 5 days left to bid on
Doug Reina's Painting "The Bear"
Available on CharityBuzz to help raise money for the
East Hampton Artist & Writers Charity Softball Game


Current bid is at $2750 - Next Bid will Meet the Reserve Price


In the spirit of one of the longest continuing traditions on the East End, artists, writers, supporters and volunteers come together for entertainment, competition and fun to benefit local charities that provide vital human services.
This charity is a 501(C3) that supports organizations that provide vital human services to the East End. They cover the full circle of life – from early childhood learning to hospice assistance for patients and families. They reach out to those trying to overcome addictions and to those who need to get beyond an abusive environment. The community around the game works to build the community we serve.
Funds raised will support:

​The Bear painting, which is an oil on linen and is 41" x 51" x 3", is available on CharityBuzz for only 5 more days. So if you're interested, start bidding and good luck!

Here's a link to get to the auction page on CharityBuzz:

Thank you for your support.
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Friday, September 13, 2019

Take a look at the Jackson Hole Fine Art Fair: Sept 13-14

Jackson Hole Fine Art Fair
Witness the Glory of World-Class Art
While Experiencing the Breathtaking Splendor of Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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Jackson Hole Fine Art Fair
Book Your Trip Today!
This is a prime opportunity to visit Jackson Hole – the fine art and recreational capital of the New West. While retaining a western character, you'll discover why JH is comprised of art-filled trophy homes, gated communities for celebrities, and the Lear Jet-eratti.
Immerse Yourself in the Best of the Best
The well-curated, boutique Jackson Hole Fine Art Fair features 50+ select galleries from 30 cities, offering the finest in important Contemporary, Western, Wildlife and Native American art. This highly elegant and refined art fair offers an alluring display across relevant genres and periods, customized to the sophisticated aesthetics of those collecting in each of those genres. By offering "the best of the best", you will witness the finest works by hundreds of respected artists totaling over $20 million in art for immediate acquisition. This is the first nationally-ranked gallery-driven art fair of its kind in the nation to offer such a wide, yet also deep, selection of Made in America genres; from Old West, Wildlife, Taos School and California Impressionism, to Modernism, Contemporary, and The New West.
Meet & Mingle with Jackson Hole’s 
Noted Art Aficionados & Famous Artists
As our VIP Guest, you’re invited to enjoy an inspiring array of special events. Don’t miss the much anticipated Thur., Sept. 12, 3-6pm Opening Sneak "Peak” (as the site is located just below the Jackson Hole mountain ski peak). Plus our Sat., Sept. 14, 6-8pm Harvest Moon Art Benefit for the esteemed National Museum of Wildlife Art. The fair provides opportunities to personally meet Featured Artists and explore invited displays – ranging from Maynard Dixon to M.C. Escher to John Nieto and more. Attend the receptions with show awardees and many other invigorating events.
The Art Lovers Guide to Jackson Hole
Additionally, the fair is held concurrently with the famed 35th Annual Fall Arts Festival, when an estimated 20,000 art enthusiasts from around the nation descend upon the town to find “the right piece”. It’s the perfect time to get a flavor of the local arts scene and we encourage all our fairgoers to visit the scores of other important arts related events around town (pre and post art fair hours). Of note, the venerable National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Western Visions popular charity auction, Sept. 12+13, as well as the long running Jackson Hole Art Auction, Sept. 13-14, and the attention getting Quick-Draw Artist Auction and sale in the Town Square on Sat. 14.
Jackson Hole Fine Art Fair
Location, Location, Location
The fair is within range of some of America’s most exalted scenery, such as the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, The crystal clean Snake River and the National Elk Refuge.
Discounted Hotel Rooms
We have reserved discount hotel room rates ($259+ per nite) at the neighboring Snow King Resort Hotel & Condos for show participants. Book soon, while supply lasts. Join our sponsors Bonhams, Family Management Corp, Montanya Rum and artnet, as we celebrate the arts in Jackson Hole. I look forward to meeting you at our history-making art fair. Click here.
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