Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays To All

 Happy Holiday 2010

 Keep the spirit of Christmas in your Hart All Year Long.

This picture is from "My Summer Garden" The Trumpeter Vine looks like she is heralding the Season of Joy and Giving in late July and August.

We at Fine Art Magazine Hope that your season is filled with Peace and Joy.

Jamie Ellin Forbes/ Victor Forbes/Joan Himmelstein
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Call for Artists: Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities

Call for Artists: Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities
January / March 2011

International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting video/short.films to include in the next 2011 Exhibitions:

Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) in Bangalore, India (March 11-13, 2011). Selected works will be presented in a contemporary videoart event with street screenings in Lleida, Spain (January 20-22, 2011). The deadline for applications is January 10, 2011.

The selections will be based on two main concepts. With the first section, Liquid Cities, we will present videos about contemporary cities, future cities and possible connections between videoarchitecture and videoart experimentations. The second section, Temporary Identities, will show videoart works based on the concept of contemporary identities, new technologies and body borders.

The number of works with you can participate is unlimited. All works must be on DVD (PAL or NTSC), no matter what the original source medium. The duration may be any, with a preference given to a max lenght of 15 minutes. If you are interested, send your video submissions (Name/Surname, City/Country, Film title, Running time, Brief film synopsis) with a CV/biography, videography and an introduction about the piece to:

Luca Curci - director
International ArtExpo
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33
70122 Bari (Italy)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dr. Bill Akpinar Honored at the garden City Hotel 12/3

NYWIF 30th Annual Luncheon Muse Awards

NYWIF 30th Annual Luncheon Muse Awards


NYWIF: Left to Right: Alexandra Levi – President if NYIF, Pat Swinney Kaufman, Abbe Raven, Marsha, Hunt, Vanessa Williams, Sade Baderinwa, Cindi Berger

By, Jamie Ellin Forbes, Photo credits jamie Ellin Forbes©SunStormarts Pub Co.Inc.

The New York Woman In Film Awards 30th Annual luncheon was full to capacity (12/8/2010) as the above recipients were applauded for their, leadership, accomplishments and contributions to the film industry and their community. Each honoree focused on the unique and qualified role woman play in the business. All cited a need to bring parity into the industry for the hiring of woman along sidemen. With in the film business, each had found a fertile ground upon which they built their careers from individual core strengths mentioned by all were family, community and life’s circumstances as they propelled forward along their personal paths to be this years award winners.

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Fine Art Magazine Home

Fine Art Magazine Home: "NYWIF Muse Awards Photos
Alexandra Levi Pat Swinney Kaufman, Abbe Raven, Marsha, Hunt, Vanessa Williams, Sade Baderinwa, Cindi Berger and others. Click below to view the album.

New York Woman in Film Muse Awards 12/8

Friday, December 3, 2010

Jamie's Easy Way out/ Below are Steve Zaluski's new 42Images/ Art Basel Miami.

Jamie's Easy Way out/ Below are Steve Zaluski's new  42Images/ Art Basel Miami.  I am on my way to pick up Michele Bramlett and go  the Dr. Akpinar celebration tonight . I wanted to make sure you had these images. No time to edit or format. Please enjoy. All Images are published by Fine Art Magazine/ © Steve Zaluski

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dr. Akpinar's book Sining @ Dreams East 2-4 PM Sat Dec 4th

359 Sea Cliff Avenue
Sea Cliff, NY 11579-1209
(516) 656-4790
 Please drop on by, and join Dr. Akpinar, for the release book sining of " VII" Priceless Prescriptions" illustrator / artists Michele Bramelett as well as the the Fine Art Magazine crew at Dreams East Sea Cliff, Long Island, Sat Dec 4Th. 2-4
The Artists Michele Bramlett will be in attendance. 

Steve Zaluskis opening night Photos of Art Basal, Miami 2010

Fine Art Magazine Media News Flash

Art Basel Miami: Impressions From Steve Zaluski:

DSCN4531.jpeg Jamie, shots of my sphere at the w hotel, my work at the highland
beach clients basel vip and press opening was packed...very much to see, all the usual big names and many new wild pieces this show, everywhere you look you see something new and
different!! visual overload, very creative...and much of the art is
beautiful world is coming around to my way of with a message...many pieces with broken glass on
them...the beautiful people, lots of crazy high heels, too...I didn't
recognize any celebs in the daytime...more later, Z Photos just below
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"Steve Zaluski's opening night Photos of Art Basal, Miami 2010"
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