Saturday, October 29, 2022

K E N I S E B A R N E S F I N E A R T, presents radical Chrome


Radical Chrome 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Shoot the Lobster Gallery, "Step Count Opening Saturday, October 29th 6-9pm,2022

Step Count
Opening Saturday, October 29th 6-9pm

Step Count
October 29 – December 3, 2022

Oliver Clegg, Brittany Adeline King, Chris Martin, Louis Osmosis, Mimi Park, Alison Peery, Will Sheldon, Esther Sibiude, Hannah Taurins, Dean Violante


Every painting and sculpture has been picked up on foot. From the Lower East Side to Red Hook.

The process of selecting work has been largely intuitive, following conversations and ongoing relationships with the artists involved.

Oliver Clegg’s Lumière is part of the artist’s series of paintings based on Happy Meal toys. Clegg has rendered the character dutifully, though a certain peculiarity hangs over the work - something buoyant and incalculable which keeps the composition charged with vitality.

Brittany Adeline King weaves her genealogy with ubiquitous forms and gestures. She employs the image archives of herself and her family members in order to uphold fragments of time under the lens of here and now. A faded baby photo is centered in the mass of paint and matter comprising Banana's Boat - with formal impressions decorating the largely red and mauve canvas.

Chris Martin submits to the inner drive of his paintings, spawning rich chromatic displays of abstraction populated by his distinctive motifs. The painting on view carries his legacy of glittery saturation and textural brushstrokes which culminate in a seven pointed star.

Louis Osmosis is a tactical artist, challenging his modified detritus by extending materials beyond the field of discard. Daycare is a boxed-in confluence of sticks comprising a tumbleweed and placed in the middle of the gallery floor. The work has potential to expand throughout the exhibition, with packages sent to Martos on a whim, carried over to STL, then situated in the room.

Mimi Park’s previous bodies of work have traced her concern for the connective tissue between ideas and people, made explicit through her cultivated environment at Lubov earlier this year. For Step Count we see her ideas condensed onto the picture plane, with figures decorating her specific ecosystem.

Alison Peery’s massive Snorlax sits comfortably in the gallery’s corner, snoozing instead of manning the space. He’s fabricated with Peery’s signature textiles - her dealings with the pharmaceutical industrial complex are literally woven into the creature’s body.

Will Sheldon’s cropped soft torso is decorated with a cool off the shoulder top and a cinched belt at the hips. Sheldon places specific emphasis on the skull and bones buckle which dominates the image’s lower half with its meticulous rendering of the shiny surface and light’s reflection. Esther Sibiude illustrations are like biomorphic landscapes, patterned with loose strands of colored pencil in soft pastel shades. They remain in a vibrant state of becoming, never quite settled into category or fixed within a narrative.

Hannah Taurins materializes an array of unknowable, yet discerning women in colored pencils and paint. Spinning Out is pared down to a deeply chromatic pencil rendering of another femme character caught in an extreme act of contortion. The face is recognizable, though... Could that be Liza Minnelli?

Dean Violante’s oversized illustration bears the traces of process. Pencil marks delineate forgone ideas, whereas the ink communicates a final resolution. The papers are joined together to a woven effect.


Reading: Rebecca Solnit: Wanderlust: A History of Walking

Listening: Weird Studies, Episode 59: ”Green Mountains Are Always Walking” 

Shoot the Lobster is open Wednesday - Saturday from 12pm to 6pm.

Shoot the Lobster NY
138 Eldridge St
New York, NY 10003




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Flat Friday at the Morgan Lehman Gallery. Always a favorite

New artworks from Morgan Lehman's flat files in your inbox every Friday morning
JJ Miyaoka-Pakola
Journal (August 29), 2020
Watercolor and graphite on paper
12h x 9w in
30.48h x 22.86w cm
$ 1,500
JJ Miyaoka-Pakola
Journal (August 6), 2020
Watercolor and graphite on paper
12h x 9w in
30.48h x 22.86w cm
$ 1,500
JJ Miyaoka-Pakola
Journal (August 16), 2020
Watercolor and graphite on paper
12h x 9w in
30.48h x 22.86w cm
$ 1,500
Click here to inquire
JJ Miyaoka-Pakola received his BFA from Tyler School of Art in 1999 and his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2009. Miyaoka-Pakola’s work has been written about in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Artfile Magazine, New American Paintings, and the San Francisco Arts Quarterly. He was awarded a Chashama Exhibition Grant in 2014, and a Visiting Artist Fellowship to be an artist in residence at the Montana Artist Refuge in 2011. Solo exhibition venues include Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York, NY, Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA, and Lloyd Dobler Gallery, Chicago, IL. Group exhibition highlights include “A Tribute to Asian American Art and Cultural Expressions” at the De Young Museum, San Francisco, CA, “Residual Volume” at Harbor Gallery, New York, NY, “Image Machine” at the Roger Brown Study Collection, Chicago, IL, and “Mechanical Turk” at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design. Miyaoka-Pakola lives and works in New York.

Art Dubai, November 8-13,2022


Explore the Dubai Design Week 2022 Programme
Dubai Design Week is returning to Dubai Design District (d3) for its eighth season under the theme Design With Impact - showcasing how design innovation can have a positive effect on the future.
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Located around d3, this year's programme features over 30 large-scale installations that bring to life this year's theme - Design With Impact. Discover how designers are using innovative materials like discarded shellfish and orange waste to spark conversations around the future of design.
Downtown Design
The region’s leading fair for contemporary design returns to the d3 waterfront from 9-12 November. In this year's programme Downtown Design will welcome over 200 regional and international brands and designers, immersive installations, talks and pop-ups. Register for your complimentary pass today!
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With 100+ Talks & Workshops at this year's festival, visitors are invited to hone their design skills in the Maker Space or get inspired from regional and international design leaders at The Forum in Downtown Design.



Design Market by FLTRD
For those looking to discover new and homegrown brands, the Design Market by FLTRD will offer a retail experience full of homegrown offerings spanning from homewares to ready to wear. This year the market will be open throughout weekdays and expanding on the weekend.