Sunday, July 14, 2019

Catch Shara Ball's new work at the Anima Mundi Gallery, July 26 7 PM

Sarah Ball Themselves  

Anima Mundi launches Sarah Ball's Themself'. 

LAUNCH EVENT: Friday 26 July, 7-9 pm  AT: Anima Mundi, Street-an-Pol, St. Ives, Cornwall, UK, TR26 2DSRSVP : or +44 (0)1736 793121#fineartmagazine

Galerie St. Etienne, July 19-October 11, 2019 The art Dealer as Scholar


July 16 through October 11, 2019
The Second in a Series of Exhibitions Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Galerie St. Etienne 
Egon Schiele: Study for the Secession poster, Käthe Kollwitz: Seeds for Sowing, Alfred Kubin: Earth Mother (detail)

Including works by Käthe Kollwitz, Alfred Kubin
and Egon Schiele

View our digital exhibition catalogue here
Read the exhibition essay here

Gallery hours: Tuesday–Friday, 11 AM–5 PM
24 West 57th Street, New York • 212-245-6734 • •
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Monday, July 8, 2019

Artists apply if you like t Urban Studio Unbound , Call for entry -"Shifting Perspectives" Check it out!

Artist Call for Entry-"Shifting Perspectives"

US+U invites artists to submit to a call for entry for our first exhibition titled
"Shifting Perspectives" at our new space- 16 Warburton Ave!

Artist should send in 5-10 images of available artwork , along w labeling (titling) each image with their last name + number. Then in the body of the email put a list that corresponds with each image that has title/size/medium and price.

If this is your first time submitting to us please also in the body of the email put a 1-2 paragraph artist statement and bio. (please no CVs) We use all this info to create an artist profile for you on our website if selected, along with your images thats why we ask you to please follow this specific format request!

Entries are due Sunday July 7th at noon. Drop off will be Thur July 11th 530-730pm. Show opens Sat July 27th 6-9pm, ends Sun Aug 25th, 2019.

*Chosen artist will pay 1 month membership fees - these fees cover cost of reception/printing exhibition programs/web designer to create your profile, etc. For additional info please visit
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Visit Lowell Ryan Projects to View Alexandra Grants work on line.

Last day to see:
Alexandra Grant, Born to Love
Installation View by Ruben Diaz
View Works and Installation Views Here

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Eco-Art A Metaliterate Investigation. Is Climate Change real? Fine Art M...

Catch Abstract Thinking, Ezra Gallery of the Hamptons, July 14th, 2019


In The Hamptons? Catch Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton Museum, July 5-7 2019

Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Segal Center's Online "European Stages"_Volume 13 published another volume

Martin E. Segal Theatre Center Publications Announces
European Stages
Volume 13 – Free – Now Online

Published by the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, European Stages is a biannual journal that contains a wealth of information about European festivals and productions, including reviews, interviews, and reports.

Marvin Carlson, Senior Editor, Founder
Krystyna Illakowicz, Co-Editor
Dominika Laster, Co-Editor
Kalina Stefanova, Co-Editor
Chairs, photo by Georg Soulek

by Kalina Stefanova
by Krystyna Illakowicz
by Artur Duda
by Dominika Laster
by Jitka Šotkovská
by Kalina Stefanova
by Ion M. Tomuș
by Maria Zărnescu
by Ksenija Radulović
by Gergana Traikova
by Kim Cuculić
by Maria M. Delgado
by Maria M. Delgado
by Steve Earnest
by Eylem Ejder
by Katrin Hilbe
by Marvin Carlson

For almost a quarter of a century, from 1969 until 2013 the journal Western European Stages (founding editor Marvin Carlson) provided one of the most detailed and comprehensive overviews of the season-by-season activities in this major part of the theatre world available anywhere in any language. From 1981 onward, parallel coverage of Eastern Europe was provided by its sister journal, Slavic and East European Performance, edited by the late Professor Daniel Gerould. This was an extremely exciting and innovative period, marked by the work of many of the greatest directors of the twentieth century, by actors and designers of equal achievement, and by remarkable changes in theatre design and technology. At the turn of the century WES offered two special issues that gave a complete survey of the current theatrical scene in every country, down to the smallest, in that part of the world, a kind of overview unavailable anywhere else. Many of the larger countries, such as Germany and Sweden, received special issues, as did certain aspects of the contemporary stage, such as the growth of women directors in Europe. Both journals have offered interviews with leading artists and detailed reports on most of the leading European theatre festivals.

The European continent has undergone radical changes during this quarter century. When WES was founded, Eastern and Western Europe were two quite distinct political and theatrical spheres. With the disappearance of the Russian control in the East, the rise of the European Union, and the rapid increase of productions combining the artists from a variety of countries, east and west, this cold war division today is largely an historical memory politically and theatrically. Thus, in 2013, these two journals combined their activities to reflect this more integrated continent, and metamorphosed into European Stages. We hope that the new, merged resource will continue to provide English-language readers with the most comprehensive source available on current theatre in this most important area of such activity.
For submissions, please send proposals or articles to our editors at 
You may also address editorial inquiries to
Editors, European Stages/Martin E. Segal Theatre Center
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016-4309
Click HERE for more info on submission guidelines

Advisory Board
Joshua Abrams
Christopher Balme
Maria Delgado
Allen Kuharsky
Bryce Lease
Jennifer Parker-Starbuck
Magda Romańska
Laurence Senelick
Daniele Vianello
Phyllis Zatlin

Editorial Staff
Joanna Gurin, Managing Editor
Maria Litvan, Editorial Assistant

Martin E. Segal Theatre Center
Professor Marvin Carlson– Director of Publications
Frank Hentschker Executive Director & Director of Programs