Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Like Bird Watching? This look like fun Audubon Webinar Birds Make the Best Headlines!!!!

Join us TODAY and find out why birds have been “having a moment”…

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National Audubon Society
An Inside Look

Birds Make the Best Headlines
Wednesday, May 20, 2020 | 4pm – 5pm

Have your friends been asking questions about birds? It seems like everyone wants to know: Are birds doing better? Are they singing more? What’s that bird at my window?

Amidst so much uncertainty, birds are having a moment—online, in news headlines, and on-the-ground at local parks and sanctuaries. Join National Audubon Society President and CEO David Yarnold, along with bird experts from New York and Connecticut, to discover some of the incredible and interesting ways people are finding joy through birds.

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Don’t be shy! This webinar will be interactive. We can’t wait to hear your stories and answer your questions about birds.
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Blackburnian Warbler. Photo: Shirley Donald/Audubon Photography Awards

Brave New World!!! UNTITLED, ART Online Launches this Summer

UNTITLED, ART Online, Powered by Artland

UNTITLED, ART Online Launches this Summer 

As part of the valued UNTITLED, ART community, we are delighted to share with you that we have partnered with Artland to create the world’s first virtual reality art fair, constructed with the latest advancements in cutting-edge technology to provide a fully immersive and interactive digital experience as never before seen in the art world. Launching this summer, we hope you will join us for UNTITLED, ART Online, powered by Artland––the digital fair of the future.

The inaugural edition of UNTITLED, ART Online, powered by Artland, will feature approximately 40 international exhibitors, set within UNTITLED, ART’s iconic light-filled tent that has come to define the Miami Beach edition. The dynamic online fair, which will be accessible 24-hours a day when it launches, will showcase unique booth presentations and allow for life-like navigation through space, where visitors can quite literally stroll the aisles looking for new discoveries and unexpected juxtapositions that have come to define the art fair experience. 

One of the most dynamic features of UNTITLED, ART Online is its e-commerce platform which facilitates real time buying, through its global financial partner, Escrow. The Buy Now option allows for transactions to take place on the spot, at all hours of the day. The fair itself is also available to be downloaded with all of the interactive features performing in real time for a super smooth experience.

The full exhibitors list for the inaugural edition of UNTITLED, ART Online, powered by Artland, will be announced shortly. Register now to attend the fair this summer and receive access to upcoming programming and announcements.
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Monday, May 18, 2020

Very Sweet: Skip Hartzell dog inspired works!!

'Swimmer #2', Flashe on Canvas, 72 x 72 Inches


Canine-inspired charcoal drawings, oil paintings, works on paper and four-legged sculptures


South Florida artist Skip Hartzell creates large paintings, sculptures and drawings that capture the essence of “dog”, all of the work is rich with intricacies of color and technique. His painterly expression captures each dog’s own personality with beautiful textures, line and brush strokes using mixed media to bring each dog to life. He is best known for his unique sculptures recognized immediately by their distinct form and style that only Hartzell can produce.

'Wall Dog, No.29', Papercrete and Resin, 8 x 12 Inches

“Dogs are always in the moment. Although nothing in life has held my attention longer or has been more fascinating to me than dogs, my work is about much more than that. It is about form, movement, color and texture. The dogs are a recognizable common denominator that allows me to communicate my joy of living, passions and sentiments.” —Skip Hartzell.

‘Golden’, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 60 Inches

Whether he’s painting or sculpting, Hartzell’s dogs have a wonderful quality of friendliness about them, and it’s hard to keep yourself from reaching out to touch. And that’s perfectly okay with Hartzell. He’s never been one to place a rope around his artwork.

'Wall Dog, No.5', Papercrete and Resin, 8 x 12 Inches

“If you love dogs, you are going to love Skip Hartzell’s soulful pieces. His work is representative of caricature features of dogs,” said J. Marshall Adams, the executive director of the A.E. Backus Museum and Gallery in Historic Downtown Fort Pierce where Hartzell has held exhibitions. Skip Hartzell is a longtime supporter of no-kill animal rescues and donates proceeds from the sale of his artworks to animal-rescue, no kill shelters.

For sales, commissions, or general inquiries, email: and visit: