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Love Thy Neighbor by James Reyes


Please Join Us for the Grand Opening of



Love Thy Neighbor


by James Reyes




Below Constructions


by Capucine Bourcart, Jingyao Huang, Silvia Muleo, Yissho Oh, Al Svoboda



Love Thy Neighbor


James Reyes


Ki Smith Gallery is thrilled to present Love Thy Neighbor by James Reyes. The works in this exhibition are complex amalgams of memory, imagination and fantasy, depicted through rich oil paintings that move between loose gestural abstraction and intricately rendered and stylized figuration. Reyes’s process is reactive and intuitive using broad action packed gestures as a cryptic map to pull out subject matter, conger memory, and allow the abstraction of the under painting to act as a portal in to the subconscious. The push and pull between the layers of the work mirrors memory and imagination, where some moments are crystal clear while others fade into swirls of abstraction. Reyes’s works depict a range of subjects and archetypes often intermingling figures with animals that suggest hidden desire, emotions and the unconscious.

Below Constructions


Capucine Bourcart, Silvia Muleo, Al Svoboda, Jingyao Huang, Yissho Oh


Affected by the rawness of the walk down an unfinished staircase featuring the original plaster walls, exposed and weathered concrete floors, Below Constructions is a presentation of works by five artists who allow surfaces to act as their medium– exploring the “here and now” of art making materials. When completion doesn’t involve a conventional finishing or framing of the art object, but rather an affirmation of the reality of the object itself, the studio’s tool box becomes evident, and a glimpse of the worktable made visible.


Using canvas cut intuitively into map-like shapes, Capucine Bourcart adorns her cotton or jean surfaces with coded lines and astute, playful constellations drawn using commonly discarded materials such as dryer lint or wadded-up cat hair. Also exposing grounds, Yissho Oh pours silicone on burlap and canvas to construct topographic pools of the elastic medium while the coarse surface remains exposed in careful moments, all interwoven with marks made by an electric tattoo machine. Using light itself as ground, Silvia Muleo rubs paint into the forms and depths of the image where light does not pass, creating an illusory effect with a thoughtful entanglement of reflection, distortion and place. Jingyao Huang employs light in a different mode, curling and interweaving strips of photo paper with abstracted landscapes, considering light passing through form. Using unfinished wood made either hastily or slowly into shape, Al Svoboda inserts small paintings into the wood form works to affirm painting as an object on-the-move, and delineate their space on the wall.


The works in Below Constructions are seemingly waiting; they sit, full of potential energy grown from a conscious decision by the artists to stop just before their ground is concealed, edges are hemmed, light is blocked out, or paper succumbs to gravity. Surfacing under, from the basement level of Ki Smith Gallery, raw signifiers point to surface as medium, transmuting matter and unveiling grounds.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Beavis Frank Gallery Reopens: A Celebration of Legacy, Renewal, and the Unveiling of 'Dance of the Untamed'

 Beavis Frank Gallery Reopens: A Celebration of Legacy, Renewal, and the Unveiling of 'Dance of the Untamed'


Beavis Frank Gallery Reopens: A Celebration of Legacy, Renewal, and the Unveiling of 'Dance of the Untamed'

KITTERY, ME – June 6, 2023: The Beavis Frank Gallery (BFG) is pleased to announce the highly anticipated grand reopening on Saturday, June 10th at 4:00pm ET, marking a momentous occasion of artistic evolution, renewed inspiration, and the introduction of the newly appointed artist-in-residence, Carson Jackson.
In celebration of the reopening, Jackson will unveil his latest captivating series, Dance of the Untamed. This extraordinary collection delves into the innate human yearning for freedom and exploration and presents a striking display of multi-dimensional abstraction, where vibrant shades of yellow harmonize with an interplay of captivating shapes and textures.
As the son of a Cuban refugee, Jackson has embarked on an exceptional journey, transitioning from a thriving career in Interventional Radiology to the realm of artistry, emerging as a source of inspiration. Renowned for his distinctive style and creative expression, Jackson brings a unique fusion of personal history, worldly exploration, and medical precision to his art. His creative process stands as a testament to the transformative power of art, skillfully interlacing a vibrant tapestry of human experiences that deeply resonate with each viewer.
“Carson Jackson's artistry perfectly embodies the ethos of the Beavis Frank Gallery,” said Hanna Frank, “His work truly stands at the intersection of technique, storytelling, and profound human emotion.”
This celebration pays homage to the enduring artistic brilliance of the late Tim Beavis, honoring his remarkable talent and profound influence on the local arts community. The reopening ceremony will serve as a heartfelt tribute to Beavis, his extensive body of work, and his significant contributions to the art world.
The grand reopening of the Beavis Frank Gallery will take place on June 10th at 4:00 PM ET. The event will feature live music from local talents, including Peter Whitehead, Helen Stratford, and Casey McBrien.
All art enthusiasts are invited to join in this celebration and explore the showcase that continues Tim Beavis' artistic legacy and introduces the promising artistry of Carson Jackson.
To learn more about Beavis Frank Gallery, please visit
About Beavis Frank Gallery:
The Beavis Frank gallery was founded by the "Dutch sisters," seasoned art dealer Marjan Frank and gallery owner Hanna Frank, wife of Tim Beavis. Drawing from Marjan's past experiences managing the esteemed Hollander & Co. in York Harbor and the Blackthorne Gallery in Portsmouth, she infuses a rich art tradition into the newly reopened gallery. The sisters merge the past and present, demonstrating a profound understanding of the dynamic art world.
The gallery made its official debut in the summer of 1996, hosting an exhibition that featured six distinguished artists: Michael Culver, Rosalind Fedeli, John Laurent, Harlow Carpenter, John Knapp, and Gary Haven Smith. The inaugural exhibition left an indelible mark on those in attendance, setting a high bar that the gallery has consistently met ever since, earning recognition and critical acclaim from major art magazines and other publications. The gallery's influence reached far beyond Maine and carved a unique niche in the NYC art landscape and beyond.
The Beavis Frank Gallery has emerged as a distinct figure on the American art scene, known for its dedication to exhibiting a blend of contemporary abstract art and thought-provoking sculpture

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Martos Gallery, Show closes Sat. June 3rd.

From left to right: Giulia Messina, Cherry Jello Cheesecake, 2022, Marker and ink on paper, 19 x 14 inches (48.3 x 35.6 cm) framed, Giulia Messina, Red Boy Checking Homemade Pickles, 2022, Marker and ink on paper, 19 x 14 inches (48.3 x 35.6 cm) framed
Martos After Dark Presents
Giulia Messina: Narcissus Abduction

May 11 - June 3, 2023 

Closing this Saturday, June 3rd.

Martos Gallery 
41 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013

+1 212 560 0670

Martos Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 10AM - 6PM

Belcastel Castle , Summer events!

News and concerts for the 2023 season

News and concerts for the 2023 season

CREATURA Medieval Bestiary Exhibition

6 animated creatures with sound

"We loved discovering the castle with its exhibition on the medieval bestiary"

-All visitors since opening


From June 15 to September 15 is the high season, the castle will be open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. non-stop. We hope to see you soon !

More informations

And we are happy to announce 2 concerts:

July 6: music and dance, aperitif and skewers!

Info and reservations

August 10: Beethoven and Boccherini

With 12 musicians from the Figeac Music Festival

Dinner on site and reservations

Belcastel Castle 

12390 Belcastel FR


Monday, May 29, 2023

Italian artist tops 120,000 entries to win global doodling competition


Yoh K image above

The World Final of the Red Bull Doodle Art competition in Amsterdam was a catalyst for creativity, combining the fast-rising talents of 62 national finalists with insights and inspiration from high-profile experts including global artists Burnt Toast and Mr Doodle. The experience culminated with a showcase of the finalists’ work on the blockchain and in a public gallery, where Chiara Croce of Italy was named the winner for 2023.

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands (May 27, 2023) – A showcase of inspiring global talent that started with more than 120,000 entries worldwide has named its winner for 2023, as a panel of expert judges chose the artwork of Chiara Croce from Italy as their favourite at the Red Bull Doodle Art World Final in Amsterdam. For all of the 62 national finalists attending the event, a simple doodle with pen on paper sparked a journey of innovation that included mentorship and collaboration with world-famous creatives, culminating in a three-day experience in the Dutch capital where they exchanged ideas and learned technology skills to put their work in the spotlight.

Red Bull Doodle Art is a global competition that empowers a new generation of artists. To enter, you simply let your mind wander, put pen to paper, and create a doodle. The more than 120,000 entries this year marked a new high for the competition, setting a difficult but fascinating task for the judges choosing one national winner in each of 62 participating countries.


Each national winner prepared for the World Final by creating a new doodle that incorporated a signature icon drawn by celebrated artist Burnt Toast (Scott Martin of Canada). In doing so, not only were they able to choose one of five monochromatic designs by Burnt Toast to integrate into their artwork, but they also received feedback and mentorship from him directly. Chiara Croce chose a Burnt Toast icon of a character sitting on a bench weaving it into her own innovative doodle. 

When the national winners arrived in Amsterdam for the World Final, they were immersed in a ‘phygital’ experience that combined the physical and digital realms of art. While sharing their varied doodling styles and inspirations, they took a tour of Amsterdam’s iconic sites, heard keynote talks and engaged with the global judging panel, which in addition to Burnt Toast included UK artist Mr Doodle (Sam Cox), Dutch entrepreneur and digital creator Anna Nooshin, free running athlete Noa Diorgina of the Netherlands and 2017 Red Bull Doodle Art winner Ayaka Toyomasu of Japan.


Additionally, the finalists took part in a full-day workshop featuring collaborative doodling and information sessions on creating digital collectibles – that is, minting NFT artwork – led by experts from Red Bull Doodle Art partner Ledger. By the afternoon of day two, 61 of the new pieces that the national winners had created with Burnt Toast’s collaboration went live for an open-edition mint on the Nifty Gateway marketplace as the Red Bull Doodle Art NFT collection mentored by Burnt Toast. 

The climax to the event came at Amsterdam venue Capital C, where a special gallery showcase open to the public displayed both the original pen-and-paper doodles and the new NFT creations of the national winners. It was there – based on the criteria of creativity, artistic skill and the way the doodles conveyed a love for life – that the judges named anelated Chiara Croce as the 2023 winner.


“Now that I have won this competition, I feel like I’m on top of the world.” says Chiara right after her win in Amsterdam. “My upcoming dreams and goals are represented in my doodle, that won the Italian final, and from here I want to become a famous comic artist.” 

Now, Chiara Croce’s winning piece, featuring Burnt Toast’s signature pastel color, will live on permanently on the blockchain as the winner of Red Bull Doodle Art 2023.  

For more on Red Bull Doodle Art, including the winning doodle, visit the global homepage 

Friday, May 26, 2023

27th Annual 27th Annual Summerlin Festival of Arts (NV)(NV) Apply before 6/1/2023

27th Annual Summerlin Festival of Arts (NV)
October 13-15, 2023
Application Deadline 6/1/23
Call to Artists
WHAT: 27th Annual Summerlin Festival of Arts
WHERE: The Lawn at Downtown Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada 
WHEN: October 13-15, 2023 | 9am - 4pm
  • Limited to 100 Fine Artists and Craftsmen
  • Past Attendance 50,000
  • Convenient artist and patron parking on site
  • Located in Downtown Summerlin's beautiful open-air shopping center
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Coffee and sweet rolls for the artists each morning
  • Volunteers and Motorized carts available for set-up/tear-down
  • Real restrooms in a central location
  • RV, trailer and overnight parking allowed onsite
  • Jury Fee $25
  • Booth Fee $350 (10'x10') | $625 (10'x20')
Summerlin Festival of Arts is a popular and established outdoor art festival. Set on a grassy area, the Lawn, in beautiful Downtown Summerlin’s walkable, open-air fashion, dining and entertainment venue in the affluent Summerlin area of Las Vegas, the highly successful event features the works of more than 100 fine artists and craftspeople. The art festival hours are 9:00 am until 4:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Application Deadline: June 1, 2023
Artist Notification: July 14, 2023
Booth Fee Due: August 4, 2023
If you have any questions, please contact McKinzie Cogswell at or call 702-234-5307.

Vist our Website for more information

Morgan Lehman Gallery closed for Memorial Day Weekend

In recognition of Memorial Day Weekend
Morgan Lehman's current exhibitions will close at
6pm on Friday, May 26th

The gallery will resume regular hours on Thursday, June 1st
with the opening of two new solo shows by
Edra Soto, "Tropicalamericana: US 2", 2014, Inkjet print over Arches paper, 65h x 37w in (165.10h x 93.98w cm)