Saturday, December 11, 2010

NYWIF 30th Annual Luncheon Muse Awards

NYWIF 30th Annual Luncheon Muse Awards


NYWIF: Left to Right: Alexandra Levi – President if NYIF, Pat Swinney Kaufman, Abbe Raven, Marsha, Hunt, Vanessa Williams, Sade Baderinwa, Cindi Berger

By, Jamie Ellin Forbes, Photo credits jamie Ellin Forbes©SunStormarts Pub Co.Inc.

The New York Woman In Film Awards 30th Annual luncheon was full to capacity (12/8/2010) as the above recipients were applauded for their, leadership, accomplishments and contributions to the film industry and their community. Each honoree focused on the unique and qualified role woman play in the business. All cited a need to bring parity into the industry for the hiring of woman along sidemen. With in the film business, each had found a fertile ground upon which they built their careers from individual core strengths mentioned by all were family, community and life’s circumstances as they propelled forward along their personal paths to be this years award winners.

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