Friday, April 4, 2014

ART COLOGNE: COLLABORATIONS The Hole and V1 Gallery April 10 - 13, 2014

The Hole and V1 Gallery

April 10 - 13, 2014

Vernissage: Wednesday, April 9, 12-8PM
Public days: Thursday, April 10 - Saturday, April 1212-8PM
Sunday, April 13 12-6PM

The Hole is proud to present a collaborative booth for Art Cologne: Collaborations featuring works byAtelier Pica PicaAyan FarahHolton RowerKadar BrockKasper SonneMatthew Stone,Shane Bradford and Thomas Øvlisen. Featuring works from both Hole and V1 Gallery artists, the installation is curated by both galleries jointly and features works that push the boundaries of what an abstract painting can be.

From Ayan Farah and Kadar Brock who work with natural and mechanical processes to record history and time on a surface; to Holton Rower and Shane Bradford who use the intrinsic properties of flowing paint to create abstraction; to Kasper Sonne or Thomas Øvlisen who use destruction as a means to create; all artists in our joint presentation are innovating in process and imbuing works with a handmade and personal intensity.

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For information on Art Cologne please visit their website
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About Collaborations:
ART COLOGNE, the world's oldest-established fair for modern and contemporary art, and the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) are pleased to present 'COLLABORATIONS', a new sector to be launched at the 48th edition of Art Cologne, April 10-13, 2014. All galleries participating in 'COLLABORATIONS' will showcase a program based on a jointly planned project. The new scheme will form the third mainstay of the Fair alongside the two major sections titled 'GALERIEN' and 'NEW CONTEMPORARIES'.

ART COLOGNE and NADA have worked closely together to develop the 'COLLABORATIONS' criteria. The idea is to encourage galleries to engage with and explore the concept of collaboration. Projects span every aspect of collaborative practice. Presenting booths shared by two galleries and/or a single gallery presenting a collaborative project, the aim of the 'COLLABORATIONS' section is to point out new artistic parallels and to spark interaction - for example between an emerging gallery and an established gallery, or between different artistic trends, styles and approaches, across national borders.

eft: Kasper Sonne "Borderline (New Territory) No 41, 2014, 40 x 30 inches Right: Matthew Stone "Covert Void", 2014, photographic print on acrylic with walnut frame, 40 x 28 inches


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