Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jenny Gummersall

April 2014
Egg Series 

Shown Above:

Crossed Egg 23
40" x 60"

Also Available:

Four Broken Eggs (378)
40" x 60"

Square Broken Eggs 38 

40" x 40"

Two Eggs Facing (309)Aluminum
40" x 60"

Jenny Gummersall

In life, there are cracks, breaks, destruction, beauty, simplicities and joy. The gift of life that farm eggs provide, and their fragility, reflect these metaphors.
Jenny Gummersall's photographs are inspired by illuminated forms, driven by "writing" with light, coupled with a constant close observation of her environment. There is a strong desire to share with the viewer the interchange of what is presented to her lens.
The daily chore of collecting fresh eggs from Gummersall's chicken coop is how she began theEgg Series. Late one afternoon, her eye caught the golden light that graced two of the eggs which she had just taken out of the hen nests. Jenny grabbed her camera and the series began with the image "Two Eggs". Over time, she found herself returning to these objects, clearly seeing their luminosity, beauty and simplicity. For Gummersall, this is a captivating, somewhat primordial experience. Studying the play of light on whole or broken eggs emanates the intrinsic sensuality of their shapes.
During walks on her ranch in Durango, Colorado, Jenny collected old cow bones which later found their way into some of the images in this series. Those images show the similar make up (composition) of egg shells and bones.
Jenny photographs exclusively with natural light and prints the
Egg Series both in hand toned silver prints and large scale prints up to 4' x 6' on aluminum.
Gummersall's goal with this series is to draw one's attention to the beauty of everyday objects, to see things that perhaps aren't noticed. She hopes to create images that provide a peaceful plane, affording the viewer an opportunity to take pause in this turbulent world.
For over three decades, Jenny Gummersall's photographic work has been exhibited by galleries nationally and is included in numerous, private, corporate and public collections worldwide. Featured articles celebrating Gummersall's art have appeared in magazines and books including: Aspen Magazine, Cowboys & Indians, Southwest Art- (cover), Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, Canada's Wish Magazine, Horse Dreams Book and the book on The Art Residences at the Little Nell (cover).

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