Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GUILLERMO MUÑOZ VERA The Light of the Alhambra May 1 - June 27, 2014


The Light of the Alhambra

May 1 - June 27, 2014

Blue Pigments, 2012, oil on canvas mounted on panel, 24 x 31 1/2 inches

New York, NY  - Forum Gallery presents its third exhibition of paintings by Spanish artist Guillermo Muñoz Vera, opening May 1 through June 27, 2014.  In The Light of the Alhambra, Munoz Vera demonstrates the relationships between past and present, new world and old world and art and life that reveal the mystery and beauty of The Alhambra, which has survived conquests, diverse rulers and cycles of abandonment since the 9th century.

For Muñoz Vera, The Alhambra itself and the surrounding Andalusian region of southern Spain represent the inherent possibilities of multicultural progress, the harmony of commerce, science, technology and art long sought by enlightened Europe.

Through the views of temples, gardens, oceans and deserts in this exhibition, the Artist points us to the rich history each subject represents. Muñoz Vera believes that the Islamic architecture of the Alhambra, completed towards the end of Muslim rule in 14th-century Spain, and its preservation throughout centuries serves to inspire the creation of all forms of beauty in contemporary life.  His painterly observations unite the patina of age with the atmosphere of today, bringing a fresh perspective to every work.

The crystalline still lifes are rich and highly focused portrayals of tradition.  They show the materials and tools that have been used through centuries of Andalusian life to make the objects that denote Granada.

The contemporary life of Granada, part of Spain since Columbus’ time, is the subject of Muñoz Vera’s figurative works in this exhibition.  From the perspective of history, the Artist shows us the life of today as it goes on against the background of the cultural past.

The 15 paintings in The Light of the Alhambra will remain on view until June 27, 2014. 

Please visit to view the entire exhibition online. The exhibition begins on May 1, 2014 and will be on view through June 27, 2014. Forum Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5:30 pm. For further information, contact the gallery. A full-color catalogue is available from the gallery.


Temple of Millions of Years, 2012, oil on canvas mounted on panel, 72 x 78 3/4 inches

The Doorway to the Throne Room, 2013-14, oil on canvas mounted on panel, 78 3/4 x 72 inches

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