Tuesday, April 8, 2014



Jeff Mueller is a talented artist working with photographic images and both digital and acrylic painting to achieve the unique results you see below.
Recent Bio:
2009 to Present-Currently I am taking the genres of fine art and digital art and pushing them into new areas. I digitally produced images and paint them into pieces of fine art; fresh, exciting concepts combining these two techniques Digital Painting with acrylic canvas painting are pushing the boundaries of art and technology. I have been featured in American Art Collector Magazine. I am currently featured in the Chinese Luxury I Pad Magazine Luxury Hotels of America and the 2014 release of Unsung Magazine.   
2012 I was in the New York Group Show In Brooklyn NY Dec 27-Jan 5 2012 
Recently I was in the Stark County Artist Exhibit November 22-Jan 5 
2014. I have an upcoming Solo show in late March 2014 at The Launch House in Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland.  
 Fresh Market Decisions
 Fresh Decisions
Dinner At A Grill
  Dinner At A Grill

Someplace Else
Somewhere Else

Bright Lights Big City a Collaboration with Rod Jones 


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