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REMINDER The Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Silvio Marchetti is pleased to remind you of the following event

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The Director of the Italian Cultural InstituteSilvio Marchetti
is pleased to remind you of the following event


On the Run: Two Little Girls in the Italian Alps and in Rome, 1943-1944

What is the story?
What are the consequences for the survivors,
and for the second and third generations?
On the occasion of Yom HaShoah, Gitta Fajerstein and Chaya Roth will share details of their personal experience.  Survivors living in the Midwest will participate in the discussion. 
With Gitta Fajerstein and 
Chaya Roth

Moderator: Silvio Marchetti

Facilitator: Shael Siegel

Special guest: the Consul General of Italy Adriano Monti 
Q and A with the Audience
Chaya Roth, Author
The Fate of Holocaust Memories
Elaine Fox, Editor
Out of Chaos
Monday, January  27th
6:00 pm
Italian Cultural Institute

Gitta Horowitz Fajerstein was born in Berlin into an Orthodox Jewish family.  In 1939, the Gestapo arrested all Jewish men born in Poland, including her father, who was sent to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and beaten to death.  Gitta and her sister Chaya were smuggled into Holland, then to Belgium and France, finally crossing the Alps into Italy.  Chaya and Gitta hid in a convent in Rome until the Allies liberated the city in 1944.  Under the auspices of Youth Aliyah, Gitta and Chaya went to Palestine in 1945.  The sisters spent a year and a half in Ben Shemen, a Youth Aliyah children's village. Today, Gitta is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice.  She is a member of the Holocaust Community Services Committee of Jewish Child and Family Services, a cofounder and member of the Holocaust Educational Foundation, a past director of a senior center of the Jewish Community Centers, a past chapter president of Hadassah North Shore, and cofounder of the Hidden Children/Child Survivors Chicago.  Gitta is the mother of three children and grandmother of eight.

Chaya Horowitz Roth was born in Berlin.  After the Nazis murdered her father, Chaya lived on the run or in hiding, carrying forged papers.  In 1953, she came to Chicago and graduated from Roosevelt University in 1955.  She received her doctorate from the University of Chicago in 1960.  She trained in psychoanalysis and child development and was appointed professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Chicago.  She maintained a private practice from 1979 until 2005.  Roth developed a new concept for parent-infant treatment, which she described in her book The Multiple Facets of Therapeutic Transactions (1997).  She was most recently a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Institute of Juvenile Research.  Her most recent book is The Fate of Holocaust Memories: Transmission and Family Dialogues (2008).  Roth is a fellow of the American Orthopsychiatric Association and a member of the American Psychological and Jewish Studies associations.  She was a cofounder of Hidden/Children/Child Survivors Chicago.  Walter and Chaya Roth are the parents of three and the grandparents of seven.

Copies of the books The Fate of Holocaust Memories: Transmission and Family Dialogues, by Chaya H. Roth (Palgrave MacMillan, 2013) and Out of Chaos, edited by Elaine Saphier Fox (2013, Northwestern University Press) will be available for purchase. 
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Screening of

"Story of a Love Affair"

("Cronaca di un amore")

by Michelangelo Antonioni
with  Massimo Girotti and Lucia Bosé
1950, 98 minutes

in Italian with English subtitles

Tuesday, January 28th at 6:00 PM
at the Italian Cultural Institute  


A light reception and discussion will follow.
Please click here to RSVP.

Groundlessly jealous of his wife's romantic past, Enrico Fontana hires a private detective to finally determine whether she is faithful or not. Ironically, his suspicious attitude unconsciously brings his wife Paola (Lucia Bosé) together with Guido (Massimo Girotti), a man with whom she had once been in love. Paola and Guido's past was clouded in tragedy. Guido had been involved with Paola's close female friend's death. Their passion rekindled once again, the lovers even get to the point where they are thinking about murdering Enrico...

In 1951 the film won the Silver Ribbon Award for Best Original Score (Giovanni Fusco) and the Special Silver Ribbon (Michelangelo Antonioni) for human and stylistic values. Story of a Love Affair was Antonioni's first full length feature film.


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