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59 London Wall, City of London, London, EC2M 5TR, UK
Wednesday 12th February 2014 - Friday 7th March, 2014
Blair Zaye in conjunction with Moderna Art ( presents a 4 week programme of rolling exhibitions at Façade inside a rough-and-ready 1600sqft disused bank, situated right in the heart of London’s financial district city. Located on London Wall, the space is just 5 minutes walk from Bank and Liverpool Street Stations and is surrounded by several investment banks and companies in the financial epicentre of London.

‘Out Of The Gutter’ Exhibition
Wednesday 12th February 2014 - Friday 14th February, 2014
‘Out Of The Gutter’ is a major exhibition of artists with work spanning graffiti, street art and fine art. Out Of The Gutter’ comes as a backlash from ‘Gutter - Halfway between the Gallery and the Street’
Blair Zaye continues his mission with ‘Out Of The Gutter’ to bring together some of the finest examples of emerging and established, street and fine artists from across the UK, alongside specially selected international artists to exhibit in a play-off between the grit of the street that of the financial district.
Catch artwork from the anonymous and the infamous;
AliHamish Campbell (England), Ben Naz (France), Blair Zaye (New Zealand), BoxHead (Spain), Djalouz (France), Gee Higgins (England), Infinity Bunce (Wales), Kymberly O'Carroll-Fitzpatrick (Australia), Matthew Knight (Ireland), Mydogsighs (England), Parlee (England), Pistol (England), Roots (England), SPZero76 (England), Ubangibangi, Tankpetrol (Polish), VanDali01 (England), Verz (Ireland), Visual Waste (England), Webbo (England)
For more information on the ‘Out Of The Gutter’ exhibition please visit the events page

‘Middle Distance’ Exhibition
Wednesday 19th February 2014 - Friday 21st February, 2014
‘Middle Distance’ brings a high calibre of abstract artists from across the globe together on middle ground - the gallery. The exhibition consists Kirtland Ash, Paul Freud(son of Lucian Freud), David Meekison and Blair Zaye. While each artist works in the abstract realm they all have a different approach to abstraction. Using a combination of  line, colour, form, texture, the brush stroke and the notion of artist’s mark to create compositional pieces which exist with a degree of independence from real life visual references in the world around them. Primarily non-representational indicating a departure from reality. The title of the exhibition eludes perhaps to the abstract finding its place in the ‘Middle Distance’ - the non space between the foreground and background and/or the artists themselves exploring this space between spaces in search of abstraction.
For more information on the ‘Middle Distance’ exhibition please visit the events page

‘Open Wall’ Exhibition
Wednesday 26th February – Friday 28th February, 2014
Blair Zaye in association with West Creative presents ‘Open Wall’, the third instalment of the 4 week programme at Façade. Blair Zaye has set up ‘Open Wall’as a platform for artists working in any media to exhibit. ‘Open Wall’ an exciting open submission exhibition of the latest work from emerging and established contemporary artists from across all disciplines. As well as the opening on Wednesday 26th February there will be a special late night viewing in collaboration with West Creative. Celebrating it’s 1st Birthday, West Creative bridges a gap between creativity and business, supporting creative professionals to win more work, build up networks and get their head around business planning. All for free through funding for people based in London. Check out for more information.
Selected artists announced Thursday 20th February so keep an eye out for some of the hottest talent in the art world today.
Deadline for applications is Wednesday 19th February, 23:59 p.m, so if you are an artist looking to take advantage of this opportunity to exhibit in Central London get in contact now by emailing for more information on how to apply.
For more information on the ‘Open Wall’ exhibition please visit the events page

‘Bespoken’ Blair Zaye’s Solo Exhibition
Wednesday 5th March, 2014 - Friday 7th March, 2014
Blair Zaye rounds off the 4 week series of exhibitions at Façade with his own solo show entitled ‘Bespoken’.
Bespoken is filled with a selection of paintings from Blair Zaye’s series of the same name. Each painting in ‘Bespoken’ is a collection of documented foretold ideas from everyday life. With frequent use of symbolism and diagrammatic drawings alluding to that of circuit boards or astronomic star maps. Challenging the viewer in an intellectual sense to stimulate internal confrontation and realisation.
For more information on the ‘Bespoken’ exhibition please visit the events page
For more information on Blair Zaye please visit

For more info on the exhibitions at Façade and the participating artists
Contact Blair Zaye – 07503669277 or

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