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Art Couture " Art With No Boundaries"


Faces-  Antinio Veronese 

Nikola Zigo

Art Couture brings you a cutting edge exhibition with 3 artists, all professionals in their own right. Antonio Verones-Brazil, Lionel Guibout-France and Nikola Zigon-Serbia exhibit together in Dubai highlighting the fact that art is beyond boundaries for all to enjoy, learn and benefit from alike. Each collection is very different & special and will definitely hold and mesmerize the viewer in its spell. The exhibition is sponsored by Calic International.

February 3, 2014 - March 2, 2014. Daily Free Viewing 10am -10pm
Exhibition RSVP opening event on February 8, 2014 (More information on this to follow closer to the event) For the press 8th and 9th of Feb is when the artists and International sponsor will be in town for interviews. If interested please let us know in advance so these can be arranged.

Venue: Art Couture at Al Badia Golf Club, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, Dubai UAE. Tee Lounge (In the Golf Club)
Art Couture is proud to showcase the works of 3 exceptional International artists sponsored by Calic International.
About the artists:
Antonio Veronese (Brazil): "Faces"
The artist exhibits 6 of his famous paintings from the series- Faces
Antonio Veronese was born in 1953 of Italian parents in Brotas, Brazil. From the  very beginning of his career he had an obsession with drawing faces, and even today for Veronese it is all about faces. Through his colours and expressions he takes the viewer far beyond the surface of the canvas unveiling a depth of meaning in every face that unravels many hidden truths.
For over sixteen years he taught art and painting to young prisoners in Rio de Janeiro. He believed art was like a “drug” that could psychologically rehabilitate these traumatized children. The children responded and over 50% of those taught by him were rehabilitated into society. His proximity with children in distress in Rio de Janeiro strongly effected and influenced his paintings and is reflected in the pain that is clearly visible in some of his faces. He is well known and well respected (by the likes of Hilary Clinton & many more) for reducing violence against children in Rio de Janeiro. He is a strong man who is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes in and this often got him into a lot of trouble. Never the less he continues on his chosen path.
The artist is the author of Famine at FAO in Rome, Save the Children, the United Nations; Just Kids, a symbol of UNICEF, A Margin, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland; Walk (Tensão no Campo) installed in the Parliament in Brazil.
Because of his work he was invited to the Commission on Human Rights at the United Nations, and received the highest honor from the Supreme Court of Justice of Brazil marked "Honoris Causa"
The internationally famed Brazilian artist lives and works in Barbizon, France, a village famous for its painters. He has successively exhibited in several countries, including Brazil, the United States, Switzerland and France. There is much to be learnt from this great artist who is true to his beliefs and expresses himself best through his art & expressive faces. Each face a story, each story a reality shared through the universal language of art.

Nikola Zigon:( Serbia) "Moonlight Mile"
The artist exhibits 15 of his finest paintings from the collection- Moonlight Mile
Nikola Zigon, was born on July 13, 1958 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In1991, he graduated from the University of Arts in Belgrade - The Faculty of Fine Arts - Painting Department / Class of Professor Moma  Antonovic.
Between 1992 & 2009, he had over 30 solo exhibitions, with the most significant ones in Munich, Paris, Milan, & Belgrade.
Zigon has his own individual style and preference of colours and medium and one often sees a dominance of white and light shades in his backgrounds. He works in pencil, graphite, acrylics and adds mixed media and texture to many of his works especially his column series that has bits of fine detailing. Bold blocks or hints of stronger colours are applied and allowed in places to drip and form their own patterns that add to the complete art work. Visible too in many of his works are scribbles and alphabets and bits of writing that add further interest to his works. He names his artworks giving the viewer a direction but then leaves the rest of the narrative to the viewers to complete. Different people interpret his artworks in different ways.
He has been an exclusive member of PROM Gallery in Munich, Germany, since 2002. He is also a member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia) in Belgrade, where he lives and works.

3.Lionel Guibout: (France) "From the Earth"
The artist exhibits 7of his unique paintings from his collection- “From the Earththat combines pieces that comes from his forest research.
Lionel Guibout was born in Issy les Moulineaux, France in 1959.  He created his first oil painting at the age of 14.
He is a visual artist who studied at the School of Fine Arts In Paris and in 1978 took the path of abstraction for several years after. This resulted in “The Anthropocages” the subject of his first solo show in Paris in 1983.
Soon after this Lionel took a break from art and through study of the poet Hesiod’s Theogony and Greek Philosophy he tried to rediscover and find himself. Following this it was as if he had an epiphany and was re-born into the great artist he is today.
The artist studied and researched and gave his all to every project he worked on. Worthy of note are his Giants that he elaborated through the Têtabras (head & arms) series many done in charcoal and pastels on paper. In this phase of work as well as Dislocations of Gyges, Briaree and Cottos he follows the great Fresco masters of the Renaissance and works with dedication on Mythological Historical themes. He also works in different mixed media like oil sticks, collage etc on paper and canvas.When this cycle ended he began research on Forests which is still in progress. However his biggest project was “The Raft of the Medusa”, based on the wreck of the frigate “Medusa” in 1816 off the coast of Africa. Lionel Guibout turned the tragic story of the wreck into a myth through his 21- preparatory drawings, 11-large paintings, 40 lithographs and seven bronze sculptures.
Lionel Guibout’s works are in public collections, Museums, foundations and some have sold through auction houses like Christies. An artist definitely worthy of note.

Art Couture gallery background
Art Couture reflects the vibrancy and growth of 21st century Dubai. Inspired by the emirate’s reputation as a cosmopolitan hub, Art Couture’s gallery space models itself on the city’s ambitious nature, its visionary creations and its diverse cultures. At Art Couture, visitors are encouraged to appreciate the works of select painters, sculptors and artists from the region and around the world and to enjoy art as an essential part of the human experience. The gallery’s focus is to hold exhibitions of established and upcoming artists and events that offer a thought-provoking viewer experience. Art Couture aims to widen people’s perceptions of art, and stimulate an emotional and intellectual connection between viewers and the artistic realm. The gallery was established in 2007 in JBR but moved in 2011 to The Al Badia Golf Club. Ever since it opened this unique gallery has hosted numerous successful exhibitions and events, offering art lovers a memorable contemporary art experience.
Art Couture’s gallery at Al Badia is an open concept space that surrounds the golf club’s Tee Lounge beneath the atrium’s swirling glass roof. This architectural building itself is a piece of art. Enjoy free viewing from 10am till 10pm daily. You have art on 3 levels in this space to enjoy at your own pace in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Tee Lounge is ideal too for a drink before dinner or for a casual snack after your gallery walk- through. This truly is a gallery experience you will remember.
ART & COFFEE MORNINGS: is a monthly event Art Couture organizes as part of its vision and mission of promoting contemporary art in Dubai. Artists, art professors, curators and other guests talk about their expertise areas, once a month. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of art, learn something new, and share your cultural interests over a cup of coffee.
 MORNING ART & WELLBEING TALKS & ART SEMINARS: These sessions are organized every few months and information goes out 10days before event date.
GALLERY WALK-THROUGH: Gallery walk-through sessions are planned usually if the artists are in town and available.
For more information:  or follow us on face book
Art Couture is at Al Badia Golf Club by InterContinental Dubai Festival City
Tel: +971 4 601 0101 ext: 2101


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