Saturday, January 11, 2014

Galleria d'Arte Maggiore

Terra Italiana-
                      Paladino, Leoncillo, Chia, Matta @ Galleria d'Arte
                      Maggiore G.A.M.
Paladino, Leoncillo, Chia, Matta

  from 18 January 2014
  6.00 pm
The exhibition that inaugurates the new year atGalleria d'Arte Maggiore in Bologna reveals the original concept of Franco and Roberta Calarota to explore in a diverse but organized way the theme of “Earth”. This apparently simple word, “Earth”, assumes an almost magical dimension, within a dense web of references made up of geographical considerations (being obvious the “Italian”one) which overlay more complex reflections on how the tangible body of art may express itself in complete independence of the support used. 

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