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Mike Weiss Gallery

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Marc Séguin: My Century (An Illustrated Guide for Aliens)
Marc Séguin, whose show closes this Saturday, is not only garnering attention with his current exhibition at our gallery but also for his recently published second novel, Hollywood. Click below to read about Séguin's approach to both writing and painting!

Marc Séguin / Studio view / 2012 / Brooklyn, NY

La Presse - The American Dream of Marc Séguin - Yves Schaeffner FRENCH ENGLISH
Le Devoir - Hollywood Tragedies - Catherine Lalonde FRENCH ENGLISH
La Presse - The Art of Shoving - Josée LaPointe FRENCH ENGLISH

Kim Dorland at Angell Gallery

Kim Dorland's show, I'm An Adult Now is currently on view at Angell Gallery in Toronto and will be on view through October 27. Check out a video below of Dorland speaking about the influence that famed Canadian artist, Tom Thompson--who was also a major influence on the Canadian "Group of Seven"--had on his work.

Kim Dorland, Angell Gallery
Kim Dorland, Angell Gallery

Kim Dorland / Installation view / 2012 / Angell Gallery / Toronto, ON

Yigal Ozeri at Galerie Andreas Binder

Yigal Ozeri's solo exhibition The Boathouse at Galerie Andreas Binder in Munich is up through October 20. The works feature a new series of paintings centered around the iconic Loeb Boathouse in New York's Central Park.

Yigal Ozeri / Untitled; The Boathouse / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 10 x 15.5 inches

Will Kurtz Take Home a Nude

Gallery artist Will Kurtz, who meticulously constructs life-size figures out of everyday household materials such as glue, newspaper, masking tape, and wood--modeling them after acquaintances and those whose anonymous image he secretly captures with his iPhone on the streets of Brooklyn, has donated a sculpture to the New York Academy of Art's Take Home a Nude benefit auction. To preview the auction or learn more click HERE.

Will Kurtz
/ Chalkley on IKEA Chair / 2012 / Wood, metal wire, newspaper, glue, tape, matte medium, cardboard, and IKEA chair / 48 x 30 x 36 inches

Stefanie Gutheil and Kim Dorland at the Nerman Museum

On September 29, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Overland Park, KS celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Tony and Marti Oppenheimer collection with a gala celebration. Kim Dorland and Stefanie Gutheil's works were prominently displayed in the permanent collection.

Kim Dorland / Tree on the Corner / Oil, acrylic, and spray paint on canvas / 72 x 60 inches

Stefanie Gutheil / Berg I / 2009 / Oil and mixed media on canvas / 98 x 79 inches

Stefanie Gutheil's upcoming group show

Stefanie Guthiel will take part in a group exhibition curated by Mika Hanulla called, Adelbergerstr. 9 + - Muscle Temple Painting Society at Helsinki Contemporary in Helsinki, Finland.

From the press release: "[It is] a very physical exhibition, focusing on our experience of being there, and being with the paintings...They create and generate confrontations and connections...These are works that shout at us. They challenge us, but they also caress us. They look back at us, and throw us off balance. The motto of the exhibition is borrowed from the American filmmaker John Waters, known for his more than usually experimental style. Out of all the possible candidates, he is the one who defines the task of art as being: to confuse us in a beautiful way."

The exhibition opens on November 2 and will be on view through November 25.

Stefanie Gutheil
/ Thank You For The Flowers / 2012 / Oil and fabric on canvas / 79 x 71 inches
Reminder: Liao Yibai  MADE IN CHINA
Liao Yibai's third solo show will open next Thursday, October 18 from 6-8pm.

Liao Yibai / Studio view / 2012 / Chongqing, China

If you have questions about any of our artists please contact Anna Ortt, Director, at

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