Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspiring Global Picture Book - A Day in the World

A Day in the World
ISBN: 978-1-60887-146-9
Hardcover | $50.00 | 512 Pages
November 2012
Inspiring Global Picture Book, A Day in the World, Is the First Time Capsule of Its Kind

SAN RAFAEL, CA, November 2012 - On May 15th, 2012, people from around the globe picked up their cameras to record their lives, and A Day in the World is the result. This inspiring project, the first time capsule of its kind, is an extraordinary worldwide account of an ordinary day, celebrating diversity, connections, and the human spirit with vibrant imagery.

Professionals and amateur shutterbugs alike are featured in this beautiful edition, the most comprehensive photographic documentation of daily life ever made. Based on the philosophy that everyone's life matters, contributors come from areas as varied as the earth itself: farmers, fishermen, office workers, and award-winning photojournalists. Tribal areas and urban sprawl, intimate portraits and riotous events, A Day in the World captures a global scope with the candor only a photograph can capture. Participants utilized whatever photographic means was at their disposal to document their lives, from crisp high-tech point-and-shoots to cell phones and old-fashioned cameras, creating a touchingly varied perspective. This book presents the first global photography project that incorporates top talent with the general public.

The brainchild of the movement, this unique project celebrates the power of photography to encourage cultural understanding. An interactive site was the hub for the project, and then, an international jury selected the best one thousand images. Ultimately, A Day in the World is not only an around-the-globe ticket for the armchair traveler, it is an invaluable record of the people on our planet, sure to spark reflections on humankind for generations to come.

Expressions of Humankind: A Day in the World launched from, a branch of the foundation Expressions of Humankind. The foundation supports scientific research and education focused on the photographic image and the written word. The aim is to inspire creative reflections on humanity, by experiencing global perspectives. The foundation's council includes Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Richard Branson, singer/songwriter Robyn and a host of other luminaries and advocates for the project.

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