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Museum Masters International

Lois Brand
Lois Brand Style Guide Cover
“Make sense of the modern world through the POP CULTURE paintings”
The Lois Brand works are pseudo-sanctification of icons and messages from Heroes to levels of Hell, combining a bright array of reds, yellows and oranges with dark graffiti lines. It perfectly captures the period in which it was painted, a time when Brand was transitioning from fashion to the studio, turning her urban graffiti into neo-expressionist paintings.
Like the rest of her body of work, the paintings are infused with iconic imagery and showcases her mastery of symbolism. On any given day you could be at a different level of Happiness or Hell, as per the daily issues of life… Light switch! (Turn It On!) The Mask Icon as the cover layer we all use for confidence. Face Icon, Noir et Blanche is the black and white positive negative yin-yang of womanhood! Her work reflects the Pop generation.
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M. Dreeland
M. Dreeland Style Guide Cover
M. Dreeland introduces a pop art style that mixes basic acrylics and techniques from the old masters, with hi-tech tools of the present and future. Modern technology, with the use of graphic design programs, has allowed M. Dreeland to spotlight a unique step and repeat style by using multiple layers and common objects. Thick paint and bold colors characterizes M. Dreeland's work.
American Heart Association entitled "Pop Heart" was donated for their charity ball auction at the 2008 gala at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. M. Dreeland is currently in 2012 "the featured artist" at the Time Warner Center in New York City where he has previously showcased pieces from his collection in December 2009 and April 2010. His work will again be commemorated from October through January 2012. M. Dreeland was recently commissioned to create an installation piece on entry doors at the Andaz Hotel on Fifth Avenue in NYC. M. Dreeland has shown at the prestigious Art Basel in Miami at the Red Dot Art Fair with the Artisan Direct Ltd. Gallery.
M. Dreeland works have been in recent publications including the New York Times, Art Observer, Whitewall Magazine, Paper Magazine, Manhattan Magazine and GQ Magazine.
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Peter Marco
Peter Marco Style Guide Cover
It was out on the streets of New York City that New York native Marco, honed both his style, his brand, and his sales approach. With MARCOART, his first retail store / studio / boutique in the Lower East Side, Marco quickly established a base of operations from 1993 to 2005. His entrepreneurial spirit attracted the attention of a local real estate agent and the newly formed Lower East Side Business Improvement District who invited Marco to join as a commercial member. He re-located his retail operation and was soon approached by Swatch Watch to design what later became the best-selling Artist Swatch of all time.
Unicef also commissioned Marco to create a series of products including coffee cups, giant floor puzzles, and placemats which it sold in through it’s catalogs with all the proceeds going to fight poverty in the Third World.
As ambassador to the Lower East Side, Marco presented electronic music legend Moby with an original acrylic on canvas tribute painting in his then newly opened downtown hotspot Teany. He sold iconoclastic Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar special limited edition hand-pulled silkscreen prints at his studio/boutique.
For Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathway as in-house artist, he muralized an entire cafeteria and created original Acrylic on Canvas tribute Portraits of: Shaq, Wayne Gretzky, Flava Flave, Dwayne Wade, Carmello Anthony, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, Usher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Jonas Brothers, and NYC Police Chief Esposito, to name just a few.
Marco is currently working on separate exclusive European/Japanese, and American Licensing programs, a series of children’s books, a vast line of licensed products, an animated children’s cartoon, a TV show, an illustrated novel & has and continues to donate his artwork to the philanthropic gala fund-raisers of thousands of charitable organizations.
FAO Schwarz in partnership with Toys R Us opened the Marco Pop Shop on Fifth Avenue this fall!
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Sid Maurer
Sid Maurer Collage
No other artist, living or dead, has done or is capable of doing what Sid Maurer does to achieve the desired results. He starts with a simple black-and-white image, which he enlarges, and a piece of plywood. He gessos the piece of wood, then takes exacting measurements of both the wood and the image so they are one and the same. He then glues the photographic paper onto the wood in such a way that it is fully and permanently affixed. It is bonded to the wood and will remain there for many, many lifetimes. He then bombards the image with mixed media -- crayon, acrylics, watercolor dyes, varnish -- anything that moves him in the artistic process to yield a rendering that does justice to the subject.
The result is a unique blend of a painter's passion, tempered with the compositional eye of a great graphic designer. Any contemporary artist who endeavored to duplicate Mr. Maurer's method would be lost without Sid's early experience as a graphic designer. In this regard, he is completely unique in the history of art and, in all likelihood, into the future as well.
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Robert A. Delgadillo
RAD's Audrey Hepburn
RAD is the Artist of Celebrities known for popular fashion depicted illustrations. He is a fan of beauty, fame and unbridled passion for HOLLYWOOD.
Each artwork is made to capture the essence, humor and appeal of the celebrity. Hollywood spirits were poured out from the wells of pens and brushes and onto the fertile plains of media for the enjoyment for all ages.
Additionally, RAD’s work has been acknowledged and published locally, nationally and internationally. His original works of art by famed artist Robert A. Delgadillo Marilyn Icons were displayed in Summer 2012 at the Hollywood Museum in Hollywood California.

Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams: Save the Cats!
Anthony Williams, Pop Artist known for his exhibitions of Original paintings and limited edition graphics "PopDot Collection" celebrates the 85th anniversary of Bb "Save the Cats" commissioned by Brigitte Bardot International of NYC. Also his artistry as "The Comic Stripper" has been creating cutting edge cartoon, comics and comic-book illustration for two decades.
This includes drawing such icons as Spider-man, Superman, Batman and The X-men. The Comic Stripper also creates artwork for a huge range of licensed characters including Ronald McDonald, Action Man, Jackie Chan and Scooby Doo. The work of the Comic Stripper has featured in many national and international advertising and marketing campaigns.

Errol Flynn
MMI presents Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn (1909-1959) was an overnight sensation starring roles such as Captain Blood, whose new series will be seen on NBC and STARS in the US this year, Don Juan and his most celebrated role as Robin Hood and was quickly type-casted as a "swashbuckler". He was known as one of Hollywood's best fight arrangers and intriguing stars during the 1930s and 1940s. He was famous for his boundless energy and devil-may-care attitude.
Errol Flynn lived a life that far surpassed any adventure he ever filmed!
Museum Masters International will celebrate Errol Flynn with the release of a new men's fragrance, men's clothing line, wines and spirits prior to the opening of the long-awaited exhibition. His daughter Rory Flynn and grandson Sean Flynn will be available for book and print signings at the exhibition opening.

Susan Sarandon co-stars in 'Last of RobinHood' Errol Flynn is back!
Kline and Sarandon
Oscar winner Kevin Kline is attached to play screen legend Errol Flynn in "The Last of Robin Hood," an indie pic set up at Killer Films that "Quinceanera" helmers Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland will direct from their own original screenplay.
Pic, which is based on Flynn's last days before he died of a heart attack at age 50, follows his relationship with 17 year-old Beverly Aadland, an actress who was allegedly seduced by Flynn when she was only 15 years-old and eventually grew to love the "Adventures of Robin Hood" star. She also co-starred in Flynn's last film "Cuban Rebel Girls."
"The Last of Robin Hood," which features a juicy role for a young actress, is skedded to start production in January. Kline recently starred in Robert Redford's period pic "The Conspirator" and Lawrence Kasdan's drama "Darling Companion."

The Great Masters
The Great Masters Holiday Collection
With great pride, Museum Masters International in collaboration with Kurt Adler of NYC presents Masters Holiday Collection, Artists of the World.
This new collection of uniquely designed accessories features the artwork of the world's most renowned painters. The originals of these masters are exhibited in the world's finest museums. What could be prettier than a waterlily garden, or a field of poppies?
Each item in the Museum Masters Collection is crafted of the finest hand blown, hand painted glass and porcelain, signed with the trademark signature of the original artist to attest to the authenticity of its design.
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Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali Eyewear Collection
MMI in it's cooperation with V.S.Marketing Ltd presents "El triomf I el rodoli de la Gala I en Dali" by Salvador Dali.
The dawn of modern painters  knew and recognized the one  genius all around. In addition to drawings and paintings, he excelled in sculpture and total design. Most of all, he was a master of self-promotion who would sit down with a leopard for his pet in a photo. and would grow and make famous the Dali Moustache with its waxed tips so different that everyone could recognize his self made brand! Yrs..the one and only Salvador Dali.
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Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci
Born April 15th 1452 in Vinci Italy. Leonardo da Vinci was the love child of a land owner and a peasant girl. His best know works are Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. He died May 2nd 1519.
Love conquers all. Inspirations from Museum Masters for LDV program come from Chaucer's Canterbury tales. LDV gifts are for those classical lovers of good taste and high value.
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