Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Featured Artist Nora Schöpfer from It's LIQUID

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Nora Schöpfer, neither different nor separated series, dancing seconds. Photography
Nora Schöpfer
Nora Schöpfer born in Austria, studied Graphics and Painting at the University of Applied Art of Vienna, in the master class of the International Austrian artists Oswald Oberhuber and Ernst Caramelle. Her work has been shown in Europe and USA in various group and solo exhibitions, as well as through nominations and art prices. Currently she lives and works in Austria.
Since some years Nora Schöpfer has been working on several series, with names such as neither different nor separated, precious gaps, neither solid nor constant, which are a part of the work gaps between seconds. Visual investigation of timelessness presence and a view of interconnection between existences are the themes in the work, which are approaching splits of moments with a taste of fluid boundaries, seen in a material way as well as related to a concept of identity. The imagination of a flow from each material into another is leading back to the interdependence between now and eternity.
With the disappearance of a specific identity, achieved through formal overlays up to anonymous images, the intention of the artist is to face a precious quality of the now, beyond any identification and valuation of something known. Dealing with a paradox, Nora Schöpfer aspires to depict the fleeting nature of form and thus to approach the presence of a moment.
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