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Call for Artists - Architects and Designers: "Five Senses" Design Hotel!

Call for Artists, Architects and Designers: “Five Senses” Design Hotel!
Deadline: October 10, 2012
Luca Curci Architects asks to artists, architects and designers from all over the world, to join a new project:styling the interior design of an exclusive five-room hotel, based on the five senses’ theme.
The Design Hotel stands at the first floor of an high-class building of the end of the 19th century, in the centre of Bari, nearby the historical Petruzzelli Theatre. It consists of five rooms (each room will be dedicated to one sense) plus the hall and breakfast room.
The interior of this new Design Hotel, projected by Luca Curci Architects, will be based on the main concept of the 5 senses: each room will be dedicated to only one of the five senses and its style will reflect them through the use of different furniture, materials, shapes and colours. The Hotel’s guests will live a different and total experience and their senses will be stimulated and delighted in every room.
How to participate
Participation is open to: artists, architects and designers, associate groups and studios, from all over the world, without age limit.
To take part in the project, send us an abstract in which you describe how you would interpret every sense related to each room (five lines for each sense). Please send your CV, contacts and all the documents by email to lucacurci@lucacurci.com
You can propose colours, materials and furniture but you can’t change anything about ceilings, floors and architectural distribution.
To structure your concept, you can download the PDF of hotel’s location and technical boards with plans and photos of each room here
To download the complete guidelines click here
A jury will select the best five projects (one for each sense/room). Winners will receive every kind of editable files and supports to create their 2D and 3D room’s project.
Luca Curci | Architect, artist and director of Luca Curci Architects and It’s LIQUID communication platform
IDONOTHING | Designer, editor and project coordinator of It’s LIQUID Group
Marica Denora | Writer and project coordinator of International ArtExpo
Zsófia Dobay | Architect at Luca Curci Architects
Cristiano Cervino | Associate of Luca Curci Architects
Prizes- winners’ interior design projects will be realised in the Hotel’s room;
- winners’ signature will be printed on their room’s wall forever;
- winners will be inserted with their projects on Luca Curci Architects’ official website, Five Senses Hotel’s brochures and website, opening’s invitations and press releases, publications, hotels’ search engines and every other kind of advertising related to the Hotel;
- winners will be advertised on It’s LIQUID Group by press office services and newsletter service to over than 80,000 subscribers.
Please send your abstracts and all required documents by email to lucacurci@lucacurci.com
Luca Curci Architects
 has experience with residential projects, offices, urban planning and designing public spaces as well as smaller structures, interior design and reconstructions. Luca Curci architects is open to collaborative relationships with various design and engineering firms. More: www.lucacurci.com/architecture 
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