Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Introducing TODD LANAM

GALLERY HENOCH, 555 W 25th STREET, NYC,,, 917.305.0003 (header)

Introducing TODD LANAM
Gallery Henoch is delighted to introduce painter Todd Lanam as the newest addition to our 
roster of artists. With a background in traditional landscape painting, Lanam seeks new ways 
of bringing meaning and relevance to the genre. Using layers of shifting perspective, Lanam 
toys with the malleability of memory and experience; what is actually seen and experienced 
vs. what is remembered in the mind's eye.

Todd Lanam received his MFA from San Francisco State University in 2011, and continues 

to live and work in the Bay Area.

For more information on Todd Kenyon, please contact the gallery.


Todd Lanam, San Mateo Window, Oil on Canvas, 38" x 31"

Todd Lanam, Baywood Night Wall, Oil on Canvas, 48" x 36"
One of the wonderful things about mounting the current Spring Group Show at Gallery Henoch is having the opportunity to showcase the breadth of new work by our talented artists. This week we're highlighting Gary Ruddell's two new paintings, First Study for Leap of Faith,and First Study for Portrait of Marriage. Ruddell's narrative-driven paintings capture scenes reminiscent of a distant memory. Pulled out of the context of time and specific location, Ruddell's subjects are explorers in a dream-like landscape on the verge of a great discovery. Discover these striking paintings for yourself when you stop by the gallery.

For more information on Gary Ruddell, please contact the gallery.
Gary Ruddell, First Study for Leap of Faith, Oil on Panel, 44" x 44"

Gary Ruddell, First Study for Portrait of Marriage, Oil on Panel, 44" x 44"
G A L L E R Y  H E N O C H
5 5 5   W E S T  2 5th   S T R E E T
N E W   Y O R K,   N Y  1 0 0 0 1


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