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Axelle Gallery ERIC ROUX-FONTAINE “Neverlandscape” NEW YORK CITY, September 14, 2012 -- November 5 - December



NEW YORK CITY, September 14, 2012 --

November 5  -  December 2

        Oro, 39¼" x 39¼"                           Babel I, 39" x 44½"                                   Angel, 23½" x 23½"

AXELLE FINE ARTS GALERIE is pleased to present “N E V E R L A N D S C A P E”, a solo exhibition of new works by French artist ERIC ROUX-FONTAINE.  Roux-Fontaine is well known worldwide for his creative talents in a wide range of media; he is an accomplished painter, photographer, poet and video artist. Roux- Fontaine’s premiere exhibition at Axelle Fine Arts features a series of oil paintings (pure pigment, marble powder and resin) that blend the real and the imagined to create a sort of pictorial poetry. 

Roux Fontaine’s unique multidisciplinary body of work is characterized by his surreal and delicate portrayal of the natural world. The artist has travelled throughout Central America, India and Eastern Europe, specifically to Borucan & Romani communities; those cultures have had a profound influence on his art.  His view of the world is one that is enchanted, sensitive and full of hope.  He encourages the viewer to consider their identity and their relationship to the surrounding world.  Roux-Fontaine aims to change the way people perceive the world, to restore what has been lost; his art reminds us of the natural beauty and serenity that is too easily forgotten in the rush of the modern world.  He depicts images from his travels, his thoughts and his dreams.

Roux-Fontaine was born in 1966 in the Savoy Region of France.  He enrolled at the Fine Art School of Saint-Etienne at the young age of 17 and graduated Suma Cum Laude 5 years later.  Since his first solo exhibition in 1991, he has enjoyed sellout shows and overwhelming success throughout Europe.  In 1995, the Musée des Beaux-arts of the city of Chambéry and the Musée Paul Dini of the city of Villefranche-sur-Saône acquired works which to date are part of their permanent collections. The Museum of the city of Lyon and the Centre de Cultura Contemporania of Barcelona (Barcelona Contemporary Arts Center) both featured his work in 2008.  The same year, Spanish private arts foundation Josep Niebla presented his first retrospective.  In 2011, he was a guest speaker at the renowned TED event in Lyon.  His work was recently featured at the Rotterdam, Paris, London and Dublin art fairs.

View the catalog online here.

For further information, prices and photographic material, please contact the gallery at 212. 226. 2262 or email Gallery hours are from 11:00am to 7:00pm every day.

Roux- Fontaine at work

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