Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Bird Road Art Walk

Dear Collectors,

As many of you know, our Bird Road gallery, H. Benitez Fine Art Gallery II exhibits three exceptionally talented artists alongside renowned artist Humbert Benitez. I would like to elaborate on their work.

First, I would like to comment on Julio Borda's work. He is one of my favorite abstract artists. His abstracts are soulful and powerful, always taking  the viewer into other dimensions. Julio also engages in figurative and landscapes. A long time patriot of the Coconut Grove Art Show, he is an explosive, experienced artist with a honed technique, and we are honored to have him in our Bird Road Gallery.

Another artist who has been with us for several years is Holly A. Jones. The botanical themes in her pieces are certainly praise worthy: a clash between earthy tones and vibrant color meticulously placed throughout the scope of each painting. Her ability to work within the realm of fashion is evident in her "Art to Wear" purses, which are exhibited in many museum shops around the nation.

Our third artist, Roxy Sora! A woman with many talents and wonderful character, her photography reflects much of the positivity she sheds on anyone around her. While her pictures are sheer surrealism, her subject matter is tied firmly to reality; by doing surrealist photography, she is able to play with the parameters of interpretation.

All of these three artists will and always will be dear to our hearts. They are not only incredibly talented: they are wonderful people with integrity and joyful souls.

Join us this Saturday, February 15th, at
H. Benitez Fine Art Gallery II for:

The Bird Road Art Walk
From 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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