Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kashya Hildebrand Gallery

ZF green dance with blue purple copper 11 2013-2 2014, 3 views, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 160 cm

Private Preview – Wednesday, 26 February, 2014, 6-8pm
Robert Schaberl
Spectrum of Light
27 February – 29 March 2014
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Spectrum of Light marks Austrian painter Robert Schaberl’s first show in London, and features a selection of new works. At the centre of the artist’s practice is an alchemical investigation of colour and the way in which it behaves. He pushes the boundaries of our knowledge about the properties of colour and its interaction with light, and, ultimately, the viewer. Without light there is no colour, yet here, Schaberl reminds us of the importance of the viewer and their perspective. The sophistication and complexity of the work suggests that the viewer plays an integral role in its interpretation. Schaberl’s interest in colour – and its subsequent interplay with light – stems from a long-term fascination with movement. Schaberl works with Iriodin – an industrial pearl lustre pigment used in everything from car manufacturing to the cosmetics industry. By combining it with paint pigments, he creates a subtle yet infinite spectrum of colour, allowing the viewer a variety of perspectives. In doing so, he seeks to create a moment in time between the artwork and the viewer, a connection during which the painting reveals itself within a spectrum of dancing, refracting light.

Final Week for Current Exhibitions:

Marwan Sahmarani
Black Moon
10 January - 23 February 2014
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In Black Moon, we see Sahmarani’s renewed focus on the medium of oil paint itself. The landscapes of Spain are brought into dialogue with the political climate of Lebanon through canvas and oil paint. What also unites these two bodies of work is an expressive and two-fold exploration of violence: the violence of nature and its man-made counterpart. The canvases on oil depict freer forms and use thick impasto amassing textures, which reveal abstract images and patterns through the application of heavier brush strokes and bolder and more integrated colours.

Lisa Ross
Behind the Dunes
Extended until 23 February
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Marking the first show in the gallery’s new Project Space, Behind the Dunes draws its inspiration from a 10-year project on which artist Lisa Ross worked in and around the Taklamakan Desert of China’s far northwest. Here Ross reveals a little known religious tradition in Xinjiang China with its desert shrines to Sufi saints and Muslim pilgrimage sites. Copies of her new book, Living Shrines of Uyghur China, are also available at the gallery.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Nobuhiro Nakanishi: Reticulated Time
2 April-10 May 2014

Upcoming Art Fairs:

Art London, 28 February – 2 March 2014
Art Dubai, 19 – 22 March 2014

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