Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HOROLOGICS A Countdown with Mark von Schlegell

A Countdown with Mark von Schlegell

Reading & Screening
This Friday, February 28, 7pm

55 Walker Street
New York
NY 10013
T 212 226 3970


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3. Chrononautics: an Introduction
A reading, with accompanying sound by George Rippon

2. The Fainnie Azul Horologe
An introduction to a French Revolutionary Timepiece

1. Starlite V and Epilogue of Starlite
A screening of a short fantasy film directed by Frances Scholz, adapted from a cycle of stories by Mark von Schlegell

This event marks the launch of The Fainnie Azul Horologe by Mark von Schlegell, published by Halmos, the second in a series of non-print publications exploring time as syntactic medium.

Art writer and science fiction novelist Mark von Schlegell is the author of Venusia (2005),Mercury Station (2009) and the forthcoming Sundogz, from Semiotext(e). He teaches the Pure Fiction Seminar at Staedelschule, Frankfurt, Germany. His criticism and fiction appear regularly the world over. He has scripted numerous artist films including Ben Rivers' Slow Action (2010) and Frances Scholz's Episodes of Starlite (2011). His story "Fainnie Azul," inspiration for theFainnie Azul Horologe, will be published as one of Semiotext(e)'s 2014 Whitney Biennial pamphlets.

Started in 2010 by Erik Wysocan, Halmos publishes texts and objects with a critical eye towards chronopolitics. It has facilitated new works by numerous artists including Pamela Rosenkranz, Sam Lewitt, Claire Fontaine, Dexter Sinister and many others. Halmos projects have been exhibited at the ICA Philadelphia, Objectif Exhibitions Antwerp, the Museum of Art and Design, NY and Miguel Abreu, NY. The Fainnie Azul Horologe by Mark von Schlegell is the second in the F-91W series of non-print publications exploring time as syntactic medium. It is being produced in a limited edition of 30 pieces. 

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