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This November The Third Line turns 8!


This November The Third Line turns 8!

It's been a fantastic run so far and we hope to continue contributing to the rapidly growing art community of Dubai and the UAE for many more years to come. We'd like to thank all our artists, friends, visitors and team members for all their support and encouragement.
In the spirit of celebration we would also like to show our support for the Dubai Expo 2020 Bid. Here's wishing to many years of progress and prosperity!


Sherin Guirguis


October 30 - December 5, 2013
Sherin Guirguis, Passages//Toroq - Installation view
The Third Line is pleased to present Sherin Guirguis’ first solo show in the region. Sherin investigates post-colonial themes of political, cultural and social dogma and feminist activism within the framework of the Egyptian diaspora, both in the public and private spheres. Delving deep into the building blocks of culture and identity, specifically from the approach of a diaspora artist, she presents her interpretation of what it means to be defined by the transformative events of the moment.
As an Arab-American artist, and part of the Egyptian Diaspora for more than two decades, Sherin’s art practice has involved studying important works of Egyptian literature, music, poetry, design and architecture of the past to be able to contribute to this discourse in the present. She has developed a unique style by selecting decorative and ornamental elements from these sources and shaping a critique through associative juxtapositions. By invoking many meanings of Egyptian identities – for example, one man, one woman; one writer, one activist; one work of fiction and one biography – the artist defines the apparent contradictions of cultural identity, and at the same time, points to the similarities of diasporic life that have now become the norm for many Arab artists.


Raja'a Khalid, Southeast To Armageddon, 2013, Archival Inkjet Print, 112 x 81 cm

Raja'a Khalid

Southeast to Armageddon

October 30 - December 5, 2013
The Third Line welcomes back Raja'a Khalid in the Project Space with her exhibit Southeast to Armageddon, in which she brings together a small selection of images from the Middle East chapter of her ongoing 'Minor Histories Archive’ project. The photographs in this exhibition center on how the discovery of Middle Eastern oil in the 1930s, was depicted in the popular Western press at the time and the American perception of Gulf oil companies in the forties and fifties. These photographs are intended to question the objectivity of certain, very public documents, which within themselves acquire a type of bizarre topical relevance with Khalid’s retrospective investigation.


AHF_The Triangle In The Shattered Square
Amir H. Fallah, The Triangle In The Shattered Square (detail), 2013, Acrylic, collage, pencil, oil on paper mounted to canvas, 5x6 feet

Amir H. Fallah

The Collected

December 11, 2013 – January 23, 2014
The Third Line welcomes back Amir H. Fallah with his third solo show in Dubai, The Collected, which investigates the complex relationship between patronage and art making, collector and artist, and the dynamics of the creative process in today’s art world. All the paintings in the show are commissioned portraits, sold prior to being started, and the artist has complete artistic authority to manipulate the image according to his own interpretation. The process involved initial collaboration with the commissioner, a performative component in the staging, and the element of surprise in the reveal with the patrons being completely unaware of the final image that represents them.
Amir approaches his current paintings as an investigative and analytical historian. Aside from exploring an intriguing twist to art history and the dynamics of modern day art collection and art making, he also reflects upon concerns of identity and representation that are central to his practice.


Group Show

December 11, 2013 – January 23, 2014
For the Upcoming Project Space, The Third Line will close the year by presenting a salon-style group show of a selection of its own artists as well as others who have previously shown in that space. The works will include paintings, works on papers, photographs as well as small scale sculptures that reflect on the repertoire of younger and mid-career artists working in the region or in the middle eastern diaspora.

The Third Line at Abu Dhabi Art

Sahand Hesamiyan, Unknown, Sculpture by Sea, Aarhus Denmark, 2013
20 - 23 November, 2013
Booth H1 - 12
The Third Line is pleased to be returning to the 5th edition of Abu Dhabi Art and is exhibiting works by Rana Begum, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Tarek Al Ghoussein, Babak Golkar, Sherin Guirguis, Sahand Hesamiyan, Pouran Jinchi and Farhad Moshiri.
Beyond - Works by Hassan Hajjaj and Sahand Hesamiyan will also be included in the BeyondSection of the fair. Bringing art to the public arena, the section provides a platform for large-scale sculpture and installations.
Book Launch and Film Screening – Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige will be launching their new self-titled monograph at the fair, which was published internationally earlier this year. In addition to this, curated by Hoor Al Qassimi, the Sharjah Art Foundation will be presenting a series of films around the theme Where are the Arabs? Joanna and Khalil’s filmThe Lebanese Rocket Society will be part of the special screenings take place at the venue.




Sara Naim, When The Lights Went Off We Saw, 2012 - Installation view
The Third Line is happy to welcome Sara Naim as the latest addition to its list of represented artists. Sara is a London based Syrian artist and has exhibited in cities across the world including Dubai, London and New York. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Fine Art Media at The Slade School of Fine Art (2014), UK.
Youssef Nabil, Nefertiti, Berlin 2003, Hand coloured gelatin silver print

Youssef Nabil

In collaboration with Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha and the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, IVAM is pleased to host the exhibition Tea with Nefertiti: the making of an artwork by the artist, the museum and the public. Marking the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Nefertiti bust, the exhibition revisits the contested histories of how Egyptian collections have been amassed by numerous museums from the 19th century onwards.
JHKJ_Dust in the wind (Cedar VI)_2013_Print on diasec, Plexiglas sculpture_75 x 100 x 3 cm_650 copy
Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Dust in the wind (Cedar VI), 2013, Print on diasec, Plexiglas sculpture, 75 x 100 x 3 cm

Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige

Future Imperfect brings together an international line-up of artists, writers and cultural practitioners to consider ways in which artistic practices can help inform and shape collective futures. Through performances, interviews, panel discussions, and a screening programme, contributors will highlight how present histories and institutions are being shaped through propositional speculations on the future.
In conversation with Anthony Downey, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige will feature in the segment entitled "1967/1968: What was lost?" to consider the events of that period, which still resonate across the Middle East and beyond. In particular the session will address the question of what was lost in the idealism associated with the period of Pan-Arabism and the radical politics of 1968? And what do those losses tell us about the apparent social, political and cultural impasse that marks the present and the future?
Shirin Aliabadi_Girls In Cars 2_Color photographic print_70x100cm_Ed.of 5
Shirin Aliabadi, Girls In Cars 2, 2005, Color photographic print, 70 x 100 cm

Shirin Aliabadi

City Lives | Bristol Museum and Art Gallery | November 30, 2013 - March 2, 2014
Half of the world’s population lives in a city and it's estimated that by 2050 this will rise to more than three quarters of the projected world population of nine billion.
In City Lives artists from around the world chart the changing landscape, consumer culture, disaffection, subcultures and high hopes in a range of media including photography, video, sculpture and installation. The artists featured invite viewers to understand their visions of life in the city, from our dreams to our anxieties, our past and possible futures.


Sophia Al Maria
Bridge Commission Audio Walks | Serpentine Gallery project, London | September 2013 - September 2014
Tarek Al-Ghoussein
National Pavilion of Kuwait at the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia(First official participation) | Biennale: June 1 - November 24
Slavs and Tatars, Farhad Moshiri
Love Me, Love Me Not: Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan and its Neighbours | Tesa 100, Arsenale Nord, at The 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia | June 1 - November 24, 2013
Abbas Akhavan
4th Athens Biennial | Former Athens Stock Exchange, 8-10 Sofokleous st. | September 29 – December 1, 2013.
Babak Golkar
Dialectic of Failure | West Vancouver Museum, West VancouverOctober 10 - December 7, 2013
Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian
Iran Modern | Asia Society, New York | September 6, 2013 - January 5, 2014
Ebtisam Abdulaziz
EMIRATI EXPRESSIONS | Manarat Al Saadiyat | October 19, 2013 - January 28, 2014
Slavs and Tatars
Asian Art Biennial | National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts | October 5, 2013 - January 5, 2014
SOFT PICTURES | Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin | October 23, 2013 - March 23, 2014
Tarek Al-Ghoussein, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, Babak Golkar, Sahand Hesamiyan
The Blue Route | Villa Empain, Brussels | September 27, 2013 - February 9, 2014
Hayv Kahraman
Echoes: Islamic Art and Contemporary Artists | Nelson-Atkins Museum | August 31, 2013 - March 30, 2014


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