Sunday, November 10, 2013

Syuhei Hasado Hands Inspired By Nature November 12-23 (Opening Reception Thursday Nov 14, 6-9pm)

Syuhei Hasado
Hands Inspired By Nature 
November 12-23
(Opening Reception Thursday Nov 14, 6-9pm)  
Japanese traditional plasterers use earth, sand, straw, hemp and lime as their materials. Skillfully mixing these with water to achieve a smooth surface and optimum color, they have developed an extremely delicate creative method. With his deep regard for earth, a quintessentially natural material, Syuhei Hasado has had and astonishing impact in an era when the plasterer's art is receiving renewed attention in the field of modern architecture. Applying his unique skills, he creates artistic murals featuring abstractions of natural scenery and imagined landscapes. Though steeped in traditional craftsmanship, Hasado's works are completely new and fresh, and will no doubt be called vintage masterpieces in times to come.


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