Friday, November 29, 2013

Maison de L'amerique Latine De Monaco

                                     Photo: Claudia Albuquerque
Nall & Latin American Influences
Nall has lived and worked in many countries, being first impressed as a child when visiting Mexico and later in the 1980's living in the jungle town of Yelapa, near friend and artist Anton Haardt. He opened his first professional artist atelier with the Cuban painter Horacio Tabares in Birmingham, Alabama. The sexually charged works of this Cuban artist opened doors into Nall's art, before working with Salvador Dali. Technically, he was impregnated with the handicraft beadwork of the Huichole Indians, and the collage and painted carvings of the Surrealist school of Huahaca.  He scoured the jungles and riverbeds for flowers and found objects; Bones and teeth, he added to his works, creating coconut frond masks, and bowls from Coconut shells. The jungle light penetrated his palette, and his colors became more vibrant. They became alive.  He subconsciously mixes it with the light of the South of France. His affinity for the handcrafted works is carried with him today. The Christian religious and spiritual symbolism is significant, and has grown to engulf and represent his work. He frequently visited Venezuela and Colombia, especially the Lake Maracaibo area, and more recently traveled to Nicaragua, where he completed a series of watercolors. The beadwork of the Huicholes have translated into Byzantine mosaics from the Mediterranean. He has had one man shows in Puerto Vallarta at the Galleria Uno, the Pemex Towers in Mexico DF and  the National Palace in Guadalajara, Mexico, before bringing works which he previously exhibited at the Maison de l'American Latine in Monaco. His Latin American watercolors have grown into oil paintings of the South of France's back country.

"Vence Sky"2013, Oil and mixed media, 50cm x 80cm x 9cm

"Rocks at the Riou"
2013, Oil mixed medium, 96cm x 113cm x 12cm

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