Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Curator's Eye - Dealer In Focus & Sales Highlights: Michael Pashby

"Item-specific advertising
helps dealers find the right audience"
Dealer in Focus: Michael Pashby Antiques
The Curator’s Eye congratulates Michael Pashby of Michael Pashby Antiques on the recent sale of an important item of English furniture with distinguished provenance.

(CE) Thank you for sharing the good news with us. It is always thrilling to hear how brings positive, visible impact to the trade. Could you give us some details?
(MP) On The Curator’s Eye, I exhibited a pair of exceptional George III chairs bearing the coat of arms of a distinguished European family. A direct descendant of the person who had originally commissioned the chairs came across the site while he was researching into the family's history. then pointed him my way and we began a conversation.
I maintain my own robust gallery website, but supports every work of art exhibited on it with item-specific, keyword-driven advertising across the web. This helps buyers find what they are looking for and dealers find the right audience for their offerings, and even made my recent sale of English chairs possible.
(CE) Our work focuses solely on making introductions between dealers and collectors. We leave the rest in our member dealers' knowledgeable hands. We firmly believe no amount of technological savvy can replace the depth of expertise our dealers have in art and antiques. What do you think about the way dealers can use technology to supplement their practices?
(MP) It is good to have a venue such as that does justice to quality inventory. I specialize in works from the mid 17th century to the late 19th century and always have an extensive stock of Georgian and Regency period furniture, particularly documented and signed examples from the famous maker Gillows of Lancaster. I am happy that The Curator's Eye has been very selective about who to partner with. Members of the trade who offer historically important, signed pieces by known, well-researched artists, and of important provenance, are more likely to benefit from what does. And as a result it resonates with collector-connoisseurs who are in search of such pieces. 

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