Friday, November 16, 2012

Emerging Artists Converge at MAINSITE Contemporary Art for The Unexplored

Amy Coldren
NORMAN, OK - Fresh faces - all with unique spins on a variety of mediums - will showcase their latest works at The Unexplored: Emerging Artists Show at MAINSITE Contemporary Art, 122 E. Main, Norman, beginning with an opening reception from 6 to 10 p.m. on Friday, December 14 as a part of December's 2nd Friday Circuit of Art.

This will be the first look at this collection of local and regional talent descending upon the gallery for most patrons.

"The Unexplored refers, of course, to the idea that these artists have yet to be fully recognized for their outstanding work. But the underlying concept of this exhibit is to feature artists, at various stages of their young art careers, who are each approaching their successes via very divergent paths," said Erinn Gavaghan, curator of the show and Executive Director of Norman Arts Council. "I hope that other early career artists will come to this show and use these six as inspiration to find their own, unexplored paths to success." 

Zach Burns is a photographer and designer based out of Oklahoma City. He's legally blind in his left eye, and much of his work mimics this condition by pairing blurred and in-focus images side-by-side, giving people a new way of seeing.

Krystle Brewer is an Oklahoma-based artist who graduated from Oklahoma City University and is currently a graduate student at Oklahoma State University. She specializes in figurative sculpture, her current work focuses on human beings separated into boxes because of political, social, biological and cultural differences.

Christie Owen

Christie Owen is a New York native who currently resides in Edmond. Owen works in a variety of mediums, including graphic design, jewelry design, painting and sculpture, centering on the ideas of tranquility while repurposing materials to juxtapose modern living and nature.

Owen and Brewer are also part of an all female artist collective in Oklahoma City called Fringe.

Amy Coldren is an Oklahoma City-based, mixed media artist who works in collage and illustration. Her latest work is a series of layered, papercut pieces that recall inkblots and all the psychological implications that such creations imply.

Cindy Coleman is graphic designer and illustrator living in Colorado. Coleman, long fascinated by the animal kingdom, works to capture the personality of each species with painting styles that reflect their demeanor, appearance and movement.

Tim Kowalczyk is an Illinois-based sculptor who specializes in ceramics. Kowalczyk is enamored with familiar and overlooked items like cardboard, paper and nails that he recreates with innovative ceramic techniques.

"This is a group show that has something for everyone to enjoy," Gavaghan said. "These six artists, paired with performance artist Lindsey Allgood of Norman, offer a wide range of mediums and styles yet share the commonalities of emerging into very promising careers."

The first of six NAC Individual Artist Award winners also will appear at MAINSITE. Performance artist and University of Oklahoma graduate student Lindsey Allgood brings an interactive installation rooted in the ideas of synesthesia that will continuously evolve as visitors put their own touches on the work.

MAINSITE's Water Closet Gallery will feature the winning photos from the Norman Photo Month Contest held through October, National Arts & Humanities Month.

The Unexplored: Emerging Artists Show will run from Friday, December 14 through Saturday, January 19 with a closing reception scheduled for Friday, January 11 from 6 to 10 p.m. Norman Arts Council donors will get a sneak peak of the show on Donor Appreciation night planned for Thursday, December 13.

To arrange interviews with one of the artists or to request high-res images to use, contact Joshua Boydston at

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