Sunday, February 19, 2012

Korean Art Show 2012

K-Artists in New York is a great opportunity to see art created by Korean artists living and working in New York City. The exhibition provides a survey of the current practices seen in Korean contemporary art and allows us to contextualize Korean art within a larger global setting during Armory Week.

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Image: Changha Hwang, Same Same, 2010 (Acrylic paint on cotton canvas). 

K-Artists in New York

March 8-11, 2012
Preview: March 7, 2012, 3pm to 9pm
at Korean Art Show NY | 82 Mercer NYC

Korean Art Show (March 8-11) is proud to announce its special exhibition K-Artists in New York which presents the work of seven Korean contemporary artists who have had a foothold in New York City, the center and the hub of the contemporary art scene, for over a decade.

With South Korea’s recent economic growth and rise in international status, new artistic and cultural developments are taking place. These developments continue to draw attention and curiosity from international audiences and as a result, a new wave of Korean art and culture is developing abroad. Korean artists are beginning to make a name for themselves outside of their own country.

The seven-selected artists for K-Artists in New York (Buhm Hong, Changha Hwang, Haeri Yoo, Hyungsub Shin, Ok Hyun Ahn, Heesub Yoon, and Youngsuk Suh) are of Korean descent and have social and emotional ties to their home-land, but have instead chosen to build a unique artistic foundation here in New York City.

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