Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Check Out David Markovich

David Markovich

David Markovich was born and raised in New York City. Even in childhood he showed an entrepreneurial knack – from selling Yo-yos to the other kids at school to being a key sales player at multinational credit card processing company, MerchantPro Express, by age 18. Mr. Markovich began his online career at and, two small startups, where his duties included: Brand development, web site traffic growth, internet and traditional media marketing, brand strategy and analytics systems in addition to being the sole customer service and public relations representative. As part of brand development he was tasked with finding new vendors that fit the company ideals and would be conducive to the company’s further growth.

In the course of business at David was introduced to Eli Feldblum, founder and CTO of RankAbove, when Eli was contracted to handle the SEO for the company. David was so astonished by the intelligence and knowledge Eli displayed in his field that he immediately asked to work with him. David worked with Eli at his company RankAbove, a major player in the SEO industry, until he recently left to begin his own internet marketing firm PromoteUsNow.

Mr. Markovich speaks at many events including Brooklyn borough hall and Microsoft.