Sunday, February 12, 2012

Call to Artists - 36th Annual American Crafts Festival

Lincoln Center
for the Performing Arts

36th Annual American Crafts Festival
   Call to Artists
WHAT: One of the nation's top fine craftfestivals (Sunshine Artist Magazine #62,        2011)

WHERE: Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts , Columbus Avenue at 64th Street, NY    
WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays
           June 9-10 and June 16-17,2012

*36 years of artistic and sales excellence.

*Limited to 185 exhibitors per weekend.

*Gross sales for crafts people in this event is often more than  $10,000 due to high end theatergoers, worldwide tourism and a huge crafts audience.

*Jury/Booth Fees: No jury fee/$660 for 10x7 space;$720 for 10x10.

*Estimated attendance: 200,000 drawn from the entire NY Metropolis.

The American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center is the most important retail Craft Market in the New York metropolitan area. The annual American Crafts Festivals at Lincoln Center traditionally host over 100,000 visitors each weekend and are consistently the best crafts festivals in the New York City and tri-state metropolitan area. In addition to robust sales, often-exceeding $10,000 per weekend per artist, significant wholesale purchases have also been made at this event. Record sales due to visitors from the have made this the event of choice in the New York. New Yorkers, suburbanites, tourists and theatergoers all contribute to these high  sales. In addition, presents for weddings, graduation and Father's Day are timely additions to artists' sales.

In addition to our own enormous mailing list of metropolitan area qualified crafts customers, there are thousands of theatre goers that afford expensive tickets, tourists from all over the world that, due to the weak dollar, and Lincoln Center being a tourist must see destination, buy an abundance of unique American crafts.  All of this is in a neighborhood where apartments cost millions of dollars  

24-hour security, discounted, convenient and secure parking garage, moderately priced and comfortable accommodations have all been arranged. The number of participants in each craft area will be carefully balanced so as to afford all participants their fair share of this rich market. This is an outdoor event, but booth displays may be left up overnight. One booth space will either be 10' long x 7' deep or 10' x 10'. (A 10' x 10'canopy will fit into a 10' x7' space).

*For more details about the festival, click HERE


February 26, 2012
Application through
or download from
or call (973) 746-0091
Jury Date:
February 28, 2012

March 9, 2012

Booth Fee Due:
May 1, 2012

For more details and artist's prospectus, visit:

Email inquiries to:
Raya Zafrina ,Director

You may also contact by telephone:
(973) 746-0091

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