Thursday, March 28, 2019

Catch the Maybaum Gallery Exhibition of Simon Nicholas in San Francisco

We are pleased to introduce a new artist to our roster, British painter- Simon Nicholas.

"Using formal elements such as underlying grids, repetition and pattern, I wish to create pictures which swing ambiguously between figuration and abstraction." -Nicholas

This series is based on gallery and museum spaces, where the borders between reality, fiction and photographic representation are brought into question. The perceptive process in these paintings is apparently reversed: the viewers in the gallery often appear to be seen from the perspective of the actual paintings hanging on the wall. The paintings are entirely dependent on a working process of “making it up as you go along”, the results more often than not being the sum of an endless series of corrections and over-paintings.

To view the full collection please click here. Please stop by the gallery to view these museum quality works in person.

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Maybaum Gallery
49 Geary Street, Suite 416
San Francisco, CA 94108

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:30am - 5:30pm
Crossing III, Oil on Linen, 65 x 61 inches
Bankside, Oil on Linen, 61 x 65 inches
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