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April 23, 6-9 PM catch a Circle of Friends at the Ivy Brown Gallery

A Circle of Friends
by Paul Wirhun
Tuesday, April 2, 6-8pm

Circle of Friends

Ivy Brown Gallery celebrates the Easter season with the opening of ‘A Circle of Friends’ by Paul Wirhun. Wirhun explores the emotional roller coaster of loss and the changes it brings. “Death is the ultimate change; we leave behind all we knew and experienced and enter the Unknown.  For those left behind, the death of a loved one can reveal a host of emotions linked to the memories of the dearly departed. To explore this range of experience, I discivered these “skullys” – images based in Tibetan iconography – to be a perfect vehicle.  Found in the crowns of protective (demonic) deities, these crazed-looking skulls force us to face the unimaginable with irrational delight.  How DO we handle the complex emotions elicited by our experiences of mortality and loss of dear ones seemingly gone forever?  How do we keep alive strong bonds of caring and support, when a beloved has died?” This show intends to explore these feelings through a series of drawings, eggshell collages, and objets d’ouef.
PAUL WIRHUN has been working on and with eggshells most of his life, using these organic spherical surfaces to produce innovative objets d’ouef, and broken shells to create collages and eggshell encrusted sculptures. His mastery of these materials comes from a life-long interest in exploring the range of possible expressions in this unique media.

Opening Reception Tuesday, April 2, 6-8pm                                                                                                                                Ritual of Remembrance Wednesday April 17, 6-9pm

Location 675 Hudson St 4 floor, NYC, NY 10014
Gallery by appointment 

PH 212-925-1111

Ivy Brown Gallery-Bringing unusual art to the people.   

Ivy Brown Gallery
675 Hudson St 4th fl
NYC, NY 10014
PH: 212-925-1111
Bringing unusal art to the people


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