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GALLERY HENOCH, 555 W 25th STREET, NYC,,, 917.305.0003 (header)

In her new work, now on view at Gallery Henoch, Sharon Sprung continues to explore complex 
figurative arrangements set against vivid textiles. Largely inspired by dresses and tapestries
 made by the Hmong culture, Sprung investigates how the repeated forms of these textiles, which
 are then mimicked within the composition by her models, influence our way of seeing. The curled 
female in Callas elegantly echos the floral arrangement viewed throughout the tapestry. Notice, for 
instance, the two wings of the female's kimono branching out, imitating the carpet pattern in the top
 left corner of the composition. The painting, like all of Sprung's oeuvre, has a delightful balance of
 grace and sensuality.

For more information on Sharon Sprung, please contact the gallery.
Sharon Sprung, Callas, 2014, Oil on Panel, 40" x 40"

Sharon Sprung, Z With Dragon, 2014, Oil on Panel, 22" x 28"
Eric Zener's work often depicts people submerged deep beneath the surface of a body of water, 
suggesting a kind of meditative, almost primordial state of consciousness. Zener's current solo show
at the gallery also features two works that show the turbulence above the surface: the splash. At
once abstract and figurative, these works capture a singular moment in time that would otherwise 
pass by in an instant. The splash, unique as a shape onto itself, stands in as a kind of symbol for 
the person who just dove beneath the surface in search of that serene, contemplative space.

The exhibition continues thru May 17, 2014.

For more information on Eric Zener and the exhibition, check out the press release or contact the gallery.

For images from the show, browse the online catalogue.    
Eric Zener, Summer Escape Hatch, Oil on Canvas, 38" x 48"

Eric Zener, Ah!, Mixed Media Resin, 41" x 41"

G A L L E R Y  H E N O C H
5 5 5   W E S T  2 5th   S T R E E T
N E W   Y O R K,   N Y  1 0 0 0 1


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