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Caution Gabriel Angemi & Mia Tyler and In the back room gallery space: Rainbow Dreams of the Serpent Queen Chor Boogie

ArtNowNY presents:

Gabriel Angemi, Joan's Housekeeping, 6th & Mechanic, 2014

Gabriel Angemi & Mia Tyler

In the back room gallery space:
Rainbow Dreams of the Serpent Queen
Chor Boogie

Exhibition Dates: June 5-June 21, 2014

Opening Reception: June 5, 2014 | 6-9 PM

May 20, 2014 (New York, NY) – ArtNowNY is pleased to present two simultaneous exhibitions for the month of June. Caution, a two-person photography show of Gabriel Angemi and Mia Tyler, and in the gallery’s back room space, Rainbow Dreams of the Serpent Queen will feature new spray paintings on canvas by Chor Boogie. The gallery will host an opening reception for the artists June 5th, from 6 to 9 PM, at ArtNowNY (548 W 28th Street 2nd Floor, New York, NY).

Caution, the title warns, is a show of complex and difficult subject matter. Viewing Mia Tyler’s mixed-media photography, it is not hard to imagine what the French mean by their idiom for orgasm, la petite mort, “the little death.” Tyler presents a dark world where desire and despair are interchangeable, and images appear literally, a climaxing man on his back, or as euphemism, a deep hole shown from the bottom looking out.

The pleasure of giving in and letting go is evident, but the ‘lovers’ depicted are solitary; DIY-ing their pleasure, embracing plastic sex dolls, or viewed from a remote lurker’s angle, sex comes across not as the ultimate measure of worth (as advertisers would have us believe), but rather a flawed expression of the human condition, a frailty. For Tyler, an established model, this perspective is fresh and daring, the point of view of someone who has spent a career being watched and desired turning the tables on social taboos and sexual norms.

Gabriel Angemi’s photographs of the everyday catastrophes and destruction he experiences as a fireman in Camden, New Jersey, remind us of our ultimate frailty–the delicate condition of being alive. For Angemi, a second generation firefighter in his hometown of Camden, both America’s poorest and most dangerous city, his photographs take an unflinching look at the conditions and human toll that is the reality behind the city’s statistics.

Angemi, who spends his downtime cruising the Camden streets with a police scanner to be amongst the first at a scene, presents the gritty imagery with the cool professionalism of someone living with these realities on a daily basis. Like a photojournalist, he inserts himself where the action is, delivering imagery from the frontlines of an ongoing battle for dignity and meaning in the face of poverty, despair, and the overall delicacy of life, changeable in an instant. Reminiscent of Weegee’s seminal New York crime photographs, Angemi’s images portray the ride or die reality of those living in a notorious city most would rather forget. Together, Tyler and Angemi in Caution present a view that is evocative, deeply human and, like the Realist painters of the 19th century, attempting to capture some semblance of reality, warts and all.

In the gallery’s back room exhibition, Rainbow Dreams of the Serpent Queen, San Francisco based street-artist Chor Boogie’s first solo exhibition at ArtNowNY, includes 6 never before shown works from the artist’s current ‘Serpent’ series, as well as 5 new works making their East Coast d├ębut. In addition, the artist has produced for the occasion a series of miniature ‘Boogie Bird’ paintings, the iconic signature of the artist that appears in all of his works, available in limited edition.

Established in the graffiti and street art scene with a 20 plus year career as an artist, Chor Boogie took to the medium at the young age of 13, influenced by the legends of the early era including PHASE 2, Riff 170 and Vulcan, over time making a name for himself with a bold use of color and fluid dreamlike imagery. The artist’s richly detailed compositions are recognizable by their vivid color palette and deft use of line. His ‘Serpent’ series showcased in the exhibition presents a Surrealistic dreamscape of the iconic form of the serpent, a timeless signifier for the continuous and ever lasting, as well as mortal and deadly.

About the Artists
Gabriel Angemi, born in 1975 in Camden, New Jersey, is an American artist, photographer, writer, and instructor. Although never having any formal art schooling outside of a few classes in high school, Gabe has honed his skills thru creative endeavors with friends, growing up riding a skateboard, and the last 15 years as a fireman working in Camden. Having a camera of some kind in his possession some 20 years now, photographs are his main artistic venture. However, he also makes drawings, weapons, sculptures, and collage art out of found objects. Gabriel has recently shown his photographs in "99 days," a group show at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, PA; "Rise Above" group show at ArtNowNY, NY; "A Backward Glance Over Traveled Roads,” a 3 person show at Philadelphia's Gravy Gallery, PA; and contributed several photographs to the Camp Starlight Art Auction in Portland, OR that benefitted children affected with HIV/AIDS. Aside from his art, Angemi travels the country teaching and lecturing on firefighter tactics and techniques and recently placed well enough on a promotional exam to hopefully be promoted to Captain by the end of this year. Gabriel currently resides in Merchantville, NJ with his wife Nicole and two daughters.

Mia Tyler, born 1978 in Lebanon, New Hampshire, is an American artist, photographer, actress, and model. She is the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and model Cyrinda Foxe. Mia’s love of the arts began at an early age, when she visited museums around the world with her mother. She has appeared acting on MTV and CBS, and various shows. In 2008, Mia released a memoir, published by Simon & Schuster, titled “Creating Myself,” about her life growing up in the entertainment world. After receiving a camera as a birthday gift from her father, she assumed a new role behind the lens. Consciously deciding not to draw influence from other photographers, Mia was able to develop a style that was truly her own. Her debut show titled “Through the Looking Glass” opened February 2012. Mia’s experimental approach has resulted in a strongly stylized expression that is edgy, honest, and revealing on a personal level. Currently, Mia resides in New York, where she lives and works as an artist.

Chor Boogie, born 1979 in San Diego county, lives and works in San Francisco, CA. His murals have been commissioned in cities across the US and internationally, including ArtWynwood, Miami, FL; the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NC; a Smithsonian/Capital Mall installation, Washington DC; a San Francisco Arts Commission Market Street Mural, San Francisco, CA; and a Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Mural, Ginwa in Xi'an, China; among others. His work is held in numerous public and private collections such as the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and a portrait of Hugh Hefner at the Playboy West Coast Representative Office, as well as corporate collections including Google, Zazzle.com and Westfield.

About ArtNow NY
ArtNow NY is a hub of creative genius in New York City, pulling from established and emerging artists of different styles, disciplines and background. We create an open forum between our artists, our community and our collectors ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.  Our primary concerns are to nurture and push our artists into new opportunities while creating a dialogue with our artist and collector base. In addition, ArtNow NY educates our community by introducing them to local and global artistic movements. We believe that everyone is a collector at heart, and, as a result, we provide an array of artistic works to meet novice to advance collector concerns.


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