Monday, May 12, 2014


Faena Arts Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 20-25, 2014
After almost four years of research and talking to fellow artists, Fyodor is excited to announce The performance Carousel that will be rotating with nine performance artists inside - for the whole week - at Buenos Aires's most known new home of contemporary art, Faena Arts Center - and it will be all about shame.

This rotation, slowly but surely, might well help us to answer those questions that had been so successfully answered by the artists in the 1970s - from Abramovic/Ulay and Gina Pane to Leticia Parente and Vito Acconci, at the very peak of the history of performance art.

On one hand the Carousel is a number of independent solo shows: each artist signed the agreement not to reveal the details and meaning of their work with the other fellow participants; they will perform separated by walls; all artists will enter and exit the museum space blindfold. They will ignore the content of the other performances until the end.

On the other hand the Carousel is a stream of collective will: even if one work is not interconnected with another, and it might not even automatically ‘argue’ with the other works, they are united by the theme of shame, a reoccurring topic in Fyodor's work, that also reconnects him to his Jewish great-great-grandfather, Ilya Sergeevich Veger (1865-1945) who was heading the Soviet Health Committee in the mid 1920s.

Participating artists include Chuyia Chia (Malaysia), Eloise Fornieles (UK), Belen Romero Gunset (Argentina),Andrés Knob (Argentina), Bhagavan-David Barki de Lima (Brazil), Lolo y Lauti (Argentina), Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich (Russia/Brazil), Eduardo Alcón Quintanilha (Argentina), Joshua Seidner (US).

It is curated by Marcello Pisu, and the architectural work is being done by Atelier Marko Brajovic (São Paulo).


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