Wednesday, March 12, 2014

National Museum of the American Indian

Join Us!  March is Membership Month
Dear Friend,

Be One of 100 New Members by March 31. Join TodayNMAI Membership Month is almost halfway through, and we are 7 Members toward our 100 new Member goal.That’s a good start.Join now to help get us to the finish line before our March 31 deadline.This is an important year for the Museum with four important anniversaries, including the 10th anniversary of the opening of our Museum here on the National Mall in Washington, DC.And we’re celebrating by doing what we do best:  telling the Native story in the Native voice and countering stereotypes with the truth.Already this year more than 160,000 people have visited the Museum.  And we’re reaching even more through our traveling exhibitions and interactive Website.But knowing the importance of standing up to longstanding stereotypes of Native people and helping people recognize the contributions Native cultures have made to contemporary life, the Museum is doing much, much more.For instance, the Museum is developing and providing materials to classrooms across the country to help educators present Native perspectives on history and contemporary life.  From “Beyond the Thanksgiving Myth” to “Native Words, Native Warriors,” our classroom lessons are providing today’s schoolchildren with facts and perspectives previous generations have been denied.But we cannot continue dispelling myths and bringing the truth to the world without Member support, which is why meeting our Membership Month goal is essential.Join now to help us gain 100 new Members before March 31!Sincerely,
Kevin Gover

Kevin Gover (Pawnee)

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