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MAX GINSBURG: The Realities of Our Times Exhibition runs April 12 thru May 24, 2014 W, Th, F 2-7pm & Sat 12-4pm

MAX GINSBURG: The Realities of Our TimesExhibition runs April 12 thru May 24, 2014
W, Th, F 2-7pm & Sat 12-4pm
Opening Reception ~ Meet the Artist ~ Saturday, April 12, 2014    7-9pm    Free to the Public

Foreclosure (2011)
ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Avenue, Syracuse, New York

“For nearly 50 years Max Ginsburg has created paintings that explore the
human experience, ranging from everyday activities to social injustices.
Throughout his career he has maintained a commitment to realism
when teachers, galleries, museums and even institutions where he taught
often viewed it with contempt.”                                                             ~ Naomi Ekerigin, American Artist, December 2010
Max Ginsburg is a New York City native and artist with a conscience. He is regarded as one of the most respected and accomplished contemporary realist painters who paints the provocative issues of our time to comment on issues of class, gender and race.  A Social Realist, he is outraged by war, the hypocrisy of our leaders and the social policies of a government leaving its’ people behind. His concern for social justice makes him a humanist but not a sentimentalist.
In his artist statement he writes, “I am a realist in the tradition of Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Repin, Dagnan- Bouveret, Sorolla, Millet and Kollwitz.  I have chosen to paint realistically because realist art can communicate ideas and emotions strongly and viscerally.  In addition I am inspired and deeply moved when I see and experience skillful realistic drawings and paintings. My realist art is contemporary because it speaks to peoples issues and in a language that strongly resonates with audiences today. My paintings are about people and their relationship to society.  I try to paint truthfully about the world I see with compassion for humanity. The issues in my work range from war and peace, justice and racism to the people I see every day on the streets of my home town, New York."
This exhibition will feature 14 large-scale paintings, including two of his most recent works “Foreclosure” and “Unemployed On Line.” This will be the first time an exhibit of his work will be seen Syracuse, New York since 1953 when he exhibited at Syracuse University as a graduating BFA student.
Unemployed On Line (2013)
Sunday, April 13, 2014    1- 4:30pm    $20 sliding scale workshop fee, scholarships available
ArtRageous Engagement Series ~ The Art of the Tableau
In celebration of Max Ginsburg, theater educator Len Fonte will lead a Tableau Theater workshop at ArtRage.
Participants in this workshop, inspired by the emotion of Ginsburg's paintings, 
will capture the drama of "conflict" in three dimensions through the creation of living tableaus.
Participants should come to the workshop with a headline or article about a current event conflict
AND one photo containing at least three figures in conflict.
The term "conflict" is open to interpretation. RSVP at info@artragegallery.org
The ArtRageous Engagement Series is funded by the CNY Community Foundation

Monday, April 14, 2014    7pm    Free to the Public
Artist Talk: Max Ginsburg
Join us at ArtRage for an evening presentation/talk by Max Ginsburg as he is surrounded
by paintings from his ArtRage exhibition, The Realities of Our Times.
Thursday, April 17th     6:30pm     Free admission
Painting Demonstration and Lecture at S.U.
Syracuse University, Shemin Auditorium, 347 Shaffer Art Building
Exhibition Sponsors: Diana Cramer, Annemarie Deegan, Nancy Dock & Donald Blair, Edgewood Gallery,
Susan Finkelstein & Bob Fullenbaum, Lanny Freshman & Rae Kramer, Barry & Barbara Gordon, John Haritatos,
Ann Jamison, Joseph Leonard, Anthony Malavenda & Martine Burat, Jack Mannion & Stephanie Miner, Nancy McCoy,
Carole Resnick, George Savage, Craig Schlanger, Vince Sgambati & Jack Stevens, Daun Van Dresar and Mary Ann Zeppetello
Season Sponsors: Dik Cool, the Holtz Family Fund, Mary Kuhn, Robert Sarason & Jane Burkhead, Jeff Unaitis and Amy Zamkoff.

Sustaining Sponsor: Ruth Putter        Media Sponsor: The Daily Orange

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