Monday, July 1, 2013

A Note from:Peter Simon Photograph: I have launched a KICKSTARTER campaign

 A Note from:Peter Simon Photograph


Peter Siomon:  I have been working on a comprehensive DVD of my life's work as a professional photographer. It's called
"Through the Lens - Celebrating Fifty Years of Personalized Photojournalism." The cost is exceeding what I had originally anticipated and so I have launched a KICKSTARTER campaign to help fund this project. I'm trying to raise $12,500 to cover the expenses of production, manufacturing the DVD, and paying for the marketing and promotion of this major effort.

     The DVD will be 3 hours of revealing the intimate stories behind the photographs, as well as various tips for enabling you to capture your images in a more satisfying way. There are twelve chapters to explore at your own pace, including College Daze, Decent Exposures, Playing with the Bands, Following the Path, So Many Roads and On The Vineyard.
          I hope you will check out the rewards and feel comfortable pledging what you can. For example, a $25 pledge will give you a personally signed DVD - by pre-buying you will be saving the sales tax and domestic shipping charge. The photographs are also at a reduced price -- so, if you ever wanted to own an original Peter Simon Photograph, now is the time to pledge!
     Click on and check it out. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

        With your help, you can make my dream come true!

    Thank you for all your support through the years.


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