Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Worldwide Crowd Funding Campaign by Fousse

Worldwide crowd funding campaign by Fousse

Dutch furniture brand Fousse, winner of the ICFF Studio Award, is launching a campaign this november together with American crowdsourcing platform IndieGoGo, to bring one their products to the U.S. market and beyond.

Fousse? is on a mission to make the world prettier by creating playful furniture. To that end, Fousse? produces a rocking loungechair named the ZzZen, made entirely in the Netherlands. This chair was launched a year ago, and has since then traveled to seven acclaimed fairs on three continents. Consumers and press alike loved the ZzZen, resulting in sales all over the globe and over fifty publications all over the world.


This month, Fousse? is running a campaign on IndieGoGo named ?Everyone is a designer!?. Ordinarily, the ZzZen is for sale in anthracite and white, with ten colors for the cushions. During this campaign however, everyone worldwide can order a ZzZen in any color they can dream up. These custom-built chairs will be delivered to any address worldwide within 6 weeks of the campaign?s end, at a lower price than they would have via the traditional saleschannels: ? 325 or USD 395, including shipping.

Fousse? will not only campaign in the U.S., but everywhere in the world simultaneously. Go to www.fousse.nl to find out all about the campaign, check out the video and order your very own custom-made ZzZen.


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