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New York Women in Film & Television - Muse Awards 2011

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New York Women in Film & Television - Muse Awards 2011

Alexandra Lexi (President, New York Women in Film & Television), Nadine Shelby Schramm, Christine Baranski, Martha Stewart, Claire Danes, Terry Lawler (Executive Director), and Marcie Bloom

The New York Women in Film & Television - Muse Awards December 7th, 2011 Luncheon was a sparkling success this year as the award recipients for Outstanding Vision and Achievement: Christine Baranski, Marcie Bloom, Claire Danes, Nadine Shelby Schramm, Martha Stewart are pictured below. All spoke of their seeds of inspirations and how they arrived at their accomplishments today, supported by women within the film industry. Each noted how women can effect change within the standard practices of the industry.
  • Nadine Shelby Schramm, President, Budd Enterprises

Nadine Shelby spoke of how their was no glass ceiling barring her accomplishments when she took on her husband's business after his passing in 1991. She took over the reins of Budd Enterprises to moving the 7 truck enterprise to a 70 truck, tractor, and trailer business, while working with the teamsters union to service the film industry.
  • Marcie Bloom, Co-founder, Sony Pictures Classics
Marcie Bloom spoke of her co-founding Sony Classic Pictures, surviving her massive cerebral damage and going on to develop the IFP - Marcie Bloom Fellowship in Film, a New York based mentoring program designed to introduce college seniors and recent graduates into the film industry.
  • Christine Baranski, Actor
Christine Baranski, an honored Tony, Emmy, Screen Actors Guild, and American Comedy Award winner spoke of encouraging young women to view themselves as a priceless. Ms. Baranski reminisced about the turns and twists in her career and the longevity, which is unusual in film for women, of affording her desirable roles in today's industry. Christine's energy and love of her performance art came across as a toast of delightful holiday cheer.
  • Martha Stewart, Producer and Entrepreneur
A radiant Martha Stewart graciously thanked all those along her career path from Julia Child and all other working chefs, as she developed the broad strokes Omnimedia would one day encompass. Her vision and entrepreneurial spirit changed the way people view crafting, home-making, cooking, entertaining, and decorating. Martha is grateful to her audience, guests, the Hallmark channel for supporting her and providing her the current venue in New York for her current television show.
  • Claire Danes, Actor
The beautiful Claire Danes, a New York child actress, daughter of a painter, spoke of her time growing up in Manhattan and the influence the arts within the city had provided for her maturing career. Recognized as a contemporary classical actress of stature, Claire spoke of her impression that there is a camaraderie among women actresses, lack of a competitive undermining, and a willingness to pull together and assist and aid one another along their career paths.
  • Ana Gasteyer, Master of Ceremonies
  • Nadine Shelby Schramm, Christine Baranski, Martha Stewart, Claire Danes, and Marcie Bloom

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