Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Am Haiti Art Scarves

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A miraculous story of children painting their dreams and having them come true

I Am Haiti Art Scarves

Opening Reception:  When: Friday, Dec 9, 6-10pm

Drop by anytime Saturday and Sunday (10 & 12, 12-8pm.)
Franca Gallery
526 West 26th Street, #417
Chelsea, New York  

After the earthquake FilmsOnArtists went to Haiti and brought suitcases of canvasses and paint supplies for the children of the Maranatha School and Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince to create their first images.

The children painted what they wanted to occur in their lives - a home for their family, trees, clothes to wear, a car to drive to town in.   We exhibited their paintings in Chelsea New York and rebuilt their school.

Now Franca Arts and Fashion have brought the children's art into the fashion world by creating a line of the finest cashmere scarves featuring the children's images which will be launched this holiday season.  With the proceeds we will create a sustainable community with trade schools, health facilities and agriculture so the children will step into the world they envisioned and expressed in those first images.  The scarves sell for $100.  $50, which represents all profits above the manufacturing cost, go to the school.

A perfect gift for the holidays!

This will be the first time the scarves are available for sale in the US.

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