Friday, December 16, 2011

Mill Basin's Deli The Peach Pit Room Opens

Mill Basin's Deli The Peach Pit Room Opens

The Grand Opening and Tasting Event for the Mill Basin's The Peach Pit was hosted by Mark, Sheila, and Jordan Schachner, featuring the artwork of Chagall, Lichtenstein, Erté, Mucha, Rizzi, Impiglia, and others. Enjoying the festivities and food were Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President, Alan N. Maisel, NY State Assemblymen, Helene Weinstein, NY State Assemblywomen, Roberta Sherman, New York  District Leader and Democratic State Committee Woman, and Donald Cramer, Director of the Brooklyn Children's Museum. Mill Basin Deli donated Kinetic Steel Sculptures, by Fredrick Prescott Studios to the Brooklyn's Children's Museum at 145 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn (Horse & Elephant Sculpture Pictured Below). -- by Jamie Ellin Forbes, assisted by Joan Himmelstein

5823 Avenue T, Brooklyn NY 11234 -- 718.241.4910 --

From L to R, Franklin, Alan N. Maisel, Jordan Schachner, Mark Schachner, Marty Markowitz, Helene Weinstein, and Roberta Sherman

Fredrick Prescott
Horse & Elephant Kinetic Steel Sculptures

Slideshow of the Opening

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