Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Join the Southampton Arts Center Celebrate the Holidays!!!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and Southampton Arts Center is ready to celebrate with you! Join us for the final days of our current exhibition, two exciting studio workshops and the closing reception for A Celebration of Trees. From art installations, to studio workshops, there is something for everyone to enjoy as we bid farewell to 2022.

We are delighted to extend a 10% discount on select artwork in the current exhibition through the last day of the exhibition which is December 18th. 

Studio: The Naked Tree Workshop with Dan Welden 
Thursday, December 15th @ 1 PM 

Join us on a journey to the unknown using the primary subject matter of observation and naturally "TREES". The individual's approach will be inspired by their own physical presence and the artist will work initially with black, either in the form of charcoal, crayon or Stabilo 8046 pencil. Secondarily, color will be introduced with Dan Welden's technique of Swiss Caran D'Ache crayons and acrylic medium on fine paper. A more complete description will be demonstrated in the workshop. 

Please Note: This event will be held off-site at Dan's studio in Noyac.

Studio: Figure Drawing Workshop with Linda Capello 
Friday, December 16 @ 1  PM
Working from a live model, artist Linda Capello’s figure drawing workshop will explore techniques of line, mass, gesture, proportion, and foreshortening, starting with short poses and working towards one long pose.

Class is limited to 10 participants, and each student will receive personal attention and detailed instruction. Dry mediums such as soft vine charcoal, conte, or graphite, and kneaded erasers, and 14"x17" or larger pads, are requested.

Art: Closing Ceremony of Trees Closing Reception 
Saturday, December 17 @ 4 PM 

Join us as we toast A CELEBRATION OF TREES with a special evening featuring a unique tree music performance with folk musicians Elizabeth LaPrelle and Brian Dolphin. The duo will perform traditional song with themes of both environmental and magical. The songs will be accompanied by banjos, fiddles, and guitars. Enjoy getting to know the artists who helped make the exhibition such a success during an artist led gallery tour and poetry reading.

We are delighted to feature art works of Freeman Vines in A CELEBRATION OF TREES.  

To meet Freeman Vines (b. 1942) is to meet America itself. He is an artist, a luthier, and a spiritual philosopher, and his life is a witness to the truths and contradictions of the American South. He remembers the hidden histories of the eastern North Carolina land on which his family has lived since enslavement. For more than 50 years Vines has transformed materials culled from a forgotten landscape in his relentless pursuit of building a guitar capable of producing a singular tone that has haunted his dreams. From tobacco barns, mule troughs, and radio parts he has created hand-carved guitars, each instrument seasoned down to the grain by the echoes of its past life. In 2015 Vines befriended photographer and folklorist, Timothy Duffy (b. 1963) and the two began to document the guitars and Vines’ life story. Soon after, Vines acquired the lumbered boards of the tree on which Oliver Moore was lynched in 1930, providing the material for his Hanging Tree Guitars series. Confronting the silences and memories of this dark episode in his local history has brought Vines face to face with the toll of racial terror on his own life and work. 



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