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Artists Call! 26th Annual Des Moines Arts Festival® June 23-25, 2023 Application Deadline 1/18/23

26th Annual Des Moines Arts Festival®
June 23-25, 2023
Application Deadline 1/18/23
The Des Moines Arts Festival® is one of the world’s most respected juried art shows hosting 195 of the nation’s top artists on June 23-25, 2023 in a beautiful urban street setting surrounding the 4.4 acres John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park and the Krause Gateway Center designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Fourteen-time winner of the coveted Grand Pinnacle Award from the International Festivals and Events Association, the outdoor festival celebrating arts and culture attracts more than 200,000 people each year to its downtown location in Iowa’s capital city and largest metropolitan area. The Festival is a show dedicated to the highest standards of excellence that works diligently to maintain a progressive environment for artists and their clients. The Festival is a non-profit organization with any proceeds earned going to support the advancement and advocacy of working professional and emerging artists, the continuation of the Festival, and keeping artist fees low.

Image: Jaana Mattson, 2022 Best of Show doing an art demo
Grammy Award-Winner Cedric Burnside, stopped to play and then BUY a drum from award-winning artist, Adam Crowell!! 
Photo Credit: Jeff Hyman

The Fact Sheet:
LOCATION: Downtown Des Moines, Iowa, on Locust Street and Grand Ave. between 16th Street and 10th Street.
IMAGES: 5 images of work + 1 booth image
VIEWEDProjected simultaneously with image 1, 2, 3 on top from left to right, and 4, 5, booth from left to right, on bottom.
JURORS: 5 paid. Includes two invited (exempt) artists from 2022.
SCORING (see details below): Second round is scoring 1-7, no 4. All other rounds are a show of hands – majority moves the artist to the next round. Rounds continue until the final slate is selected.
JURY/APPLICATION FEE $40 Nov. 1 – Jan. 12; $55 Jan. 13 - 18.
BOOTH SPACE FEE: $510 for 10’x10’. An additional $160 is charged for a corner booth. Limited number of Double-DEEP booths available.
CASH AWARDS: $10,500 at press time
BOOTH SPACE: 10’x10’ with 1’ buffer all around (2’ between each tent), most with abundant storage close to the booth. A limited number of 10’ (front) x 20’ (deep) interior and corner booths are available. We do not offer 20' wide booth spaces unless the artist is juried to show two bodies of work.
ELECTRIC: Provided. Generators not allowed.
ARTIST PRESENCE: All required (individual and partner(s)/collaborator(s)).
NO. OF EXHIBITORS EXPECTED FROM JURY POOL: Approx. 172 (we jury spaces with the final number of spaces available being 195)
NO. OF ARTISTS EXEMPT FROM JURY: At least 20 (award winners from the previous year, 2022 COVID deferrals, and special invitation)
ATTENDANCE: Appx. 200,000+ projected
FESTIVAL HOURS: Friday, 11a - 10p; Saturday, 11a - 10p; Sunday, 11a - 5p
SECURITY: 24-hour
PARKING: Free/reserved/off-site dedicated.
PROMOTION: Responsive website and integrated social media campaign. Website includes up to three full-color images with name, bio, live link to artist website, and email.

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Email questions to Stephen King, Executive Director at
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