Friday, June 2, 2017

The Back Yard Enviornmentalist: The Paris Climate Treaty was not a " deal" it was a treaty with accords. The US should not be run on the Price is right mentality, although I loved Bob Barker.

Hi, I am Jamie Ellin Forbes, the  Backyard Environmentalist

 I live on a creek and see the effects of climate change and species extinction all around. "The Price is Right" tv show mentality is funny but is not a serious. This Paris Climate Treaty required an adult approach to the climate, economy and the future of our country as a world leader. It was not a "deal". The backing out of the Paris Climate Treaty abdicated the US  world leader in a  future without fossil fuel.

Pictured below is my participation as a SunStorm Arts Publishing enterprise in Dallas Texas for Earth Day 2017. Thank you, Tremmel Crow, for providing a wonderful environment in which to promote choice in consumer goods and fight the effect of environmental degradation and greed. !!!   I saw innovation by individuals, universities, hedge funds, think tanks and corporations. The train has left the station on Fossil fuels. If Mr. Rex Tillerson, former CEO fo Exon Mobil is in support of the Paris Climate Treaty there is something wrong with the statement European are Laughing at us.

Jamie Ellin Forbes at Earth Day Texas,  promoting personal responsibility by all individuals as environmental caretakers, 

Hydrogen Engin's already road worthy and marketed in California. 
Thank You, Victor Forbes, my business partner for your support of my project.


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