Friday, June 30, 2017

Accola Greffin Fine Art PERMUTATIONS : A Collaboration ANNA BOOTHE and NANCY COHEN The Philadelphia Art Alliance June 1– August 20, 2017

PERMUTATIONS : A Collaboration 

The Philadelphia Art Alliance 
June 1– August 20, 2017

The large scale glass installation, Between Seeing & Knowingoriginally installed with Accola Griefen in New York in 2013 is now on view at The Philadelphia Art Alliance as part of the Permutations exhibition.
Between Seeing and Knowing, 2012-2017, glass, dimensions variable, at the Philadelphia Art Alliance

From the Philadelphia Art Alliance Press release:

Since 2012, Anna Boothe and Nancy Cohen have collaborated on an evolving project entitled "Between Seeing and Knowing". This extensive piece, comprised of hundreds of glass objects, takes as a starting point the artists' long standing interest in Tibetan Buddhist paintings and the integration of their otherwise very separate studio practices. The installation reinterprets the symbolism in these Buddhist paintings to create a work that reflects the organizational structure and palette of the paintings, as well as the sense of expansiveness that is characteristic of Buddhist ideology.

The works featured in this exhibition use a variety of techniques, such as kiln-casting, slumping, fusing, blowing, hot-sculpting and sand-casting. The comprehensive understanding of these processes, each selected to achieve a specific result for every single element, is the result of working in the medium of glass for both artists: Boothe for over 35 years and Cohen for more than 20. For this exhibition at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Boothe and Cohen have enlarged the original project in response to the architectural details and natural light in the first floor galleries of PAA's Wetherill mansion. Once a historic home, the galleries have retained much of their original features as a sitting room, parlor and library.


Permutations: Anna Boothe and Nancy Cohen at the Philadelphia Art Alliance

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