Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Art Dossier

Nelson Mandela’s legacy to the arts. “Many people know that Nelson Mandela’s life inspired novels, poems, plays and films, but few people know how powerful his effect on the theater was and how powerful the theater’s effect was on him. The theater served as a mirror to Mandela, each side influencing and reflecting the other, placing them both in time.” [What's in the news]
Russia’s art scene sees the giant Louis Vuitton trunk as a cultural critique and not just an expensive publicity stunt. “Some have called the trunk an unintended... [What's in the news]
Heading to Miami this weekend? We suggest having a drink here. “This December, Los Angeles-based artist Ry Rocklen unveils his installation Night Court... [What's in the news]
SANNA proposes intersecting spheres for the Nobel Peace committee’s headquarters. “SANAA‘s proposal for the nobel center headquarters in… [What's in the news]
When you’re at the Deauville Beach Resort checking out NADA, be sure to also head to room 1445. “Last year, Zach Feuer hosted a semi-secret Mark… [What's in the news]

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