Sunday, December 1, 2013

Meeting Chinese Artists: Don and Mera Rubell

randian 燃点

Established by then-newlywed art enthusiasts Don and Mera Rubell in 1964, the Rubell Family Collection (RFC) is one of the world’s largest private art collections. “28 Chinese Artists” will be the next show, bringing together art works acquired on five separate visits to China since 2001. >> Read More  
Highlights 本周精选
Glance: Katja Loher
Glance: Paik in the '90s
Interview: Can Yavuz
Winner of 2013 CCAC Award
Art021: a Fair Becomes a Reality
Thomas Ruff’s Photograms

Dashilar Hutong Toilet Project
Ying Wei-Min: Musician to Artist

在地:Can Yavuz和他志在本土的画廊


News 新闻
Dong Bingfeng
Dong Bingfeng Announced as Winner of 2013 Chinese Contemporary Art Critic Award
Art021: When a Fair Becomes a Reality
Promoted Events 推广活动
New museums in China
New Museums in China

China’s recent museum-building boom has been heavily chronicled—and critiqued. During the last decade, more than a thousand new buildings have opened in China: 100 per year on average, with a peak of approximately 400 new museums in 2011. >> Read More
Reviews/Interviews.... 展评/访谈......
Paik in the '90s
The sense of individual soul and an objective, collective technology that simultaneously inhabit works is perhaps what adds up to their anachronistic charm... >> Read More
在白南准的作品中,我们可以同时看到个体精神的注入,以及客体的、集体性的技术运用,这也增加了他作品特有的误置魅力...... >> 更多
Thomas Ruff's Photogram
Glance: Katja Loher
Loher’s images play out in “miniverses” – little worlds populated by people in bee costumes...  >> Read More
洛尔在影像中展示了一个个“微型宇宙”。这些小世界里住着穿着蜜蜂服装的人...... >> 更多
Can Yavuz
Yavuz Fine Art breaking the boundaries of convention and zeroes in on issues pertinent to the region. >> Read More
Yavuz Fine Art 打破传统的界限,关注对该地区有切实意义的议题...... >> 更多
Thomas Ruff's Photogram
Glance: Shadows on the Wall Thomas Ruff’s Photograms

Ruff is the most innovative and radical of all the Becher’s many gifted students. Tonight though he seemed bored and a little tired. And then I barged in... >> Read More
Also... 更多...
Dashilar Hutong Toilet Project
Dashilar Hutong Toilet Project
Ying Wei min

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